United Factions of r/Place

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United Factions of r/Place
Name United Factions of r/Place
Description An alliance between over 60 communities spanning the entire canvas of r/place 2022
Subreddit UnitedFactionsofPlace

The United Factions of r/Place (UFP) was a large coalition between communities that spanned across the entire canvas. Member states assisted each-other in times of need and acted together to protect artwork from malicious live streamers and communities such as the void and xQc.


On the first day of r/Place, the discord servers of both r/Evangelion and JoJo, allied after seeing that the "To Be Continued..." arrow made by the JoJo subreddits was under attack. Both servers coordinated into one singular discord server to simultaneously defend the arrow. This led to both groups becoming allies, and the alliance was tentatively named the "NERV-Jojo Commonwealth". Soon after, the server invited more communities to join this alliance, and was eventually renamed the "United Factions of r/Place". At its peak, the server had over 3,000 members.


The group participated in defensive actions against XQC and The Void. The group also unsuccessful tried to create their logo over an existing artwork of a cow, but were driven off. After this, they switched to pure defense.


  • Art Heaven
  • Baba Makes r/Place
  • Bengals
  • The Blue Corner
  • ENA Alliance
  • Foxhole
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Longnose
  • r/196
  • r/anarchychess
  • Argentina
  • r/Autism
  • r/babymetal
  • Bangladesh
  • r/BlueArchive
  • r/dankmemesfromsite19
  • r/DDLC
  • r/dominican
  • r/DOOM
  • r/Evangelion
  • r/fireemblem
  • r/greenlattice
  • r/hongkong
  • Ireland
  • r/jerma985
  • r/kingcrimson
  • r/komi
  • r/libraryofruina
  • r/lobotomycorporation
  • r/Megaten
  • r/MyLittlePony
  • r/omori
  • r/osu
  • r/Persona5
  • r/playboycarti
  • r/PoliticalCompassMemes
  • r/Practicalguidetoevil
  • r/rust
  • r/rwby
  • r/Shantae
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (r/ShitpostCrusaders, r/StardustCrusaders, r/wholesomejojo)
  • r/ShingekiNoKyojin
  • r/spacexplace
  • r/splatoon
  • r/StarTrek
  • Steins;Gate
  • Taiwan
  • r/tallyhall
  • r/tetris
  • Titanfolk
  • r/touhou
  • r/unturned
  • r/vexillologycirclejerk
  • r/warframe
  • School
  • The AntiFlag Alliance
  • The Cool S Treaty Organization
  • TheCroatianSquirrel
  • TheFarLeftSideAlliance
  • tokipona
  • University of Florida
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