The Void

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The Void
Name The Void
AKA The Black Void
Description The people making creepy art on the canvas.
Subreddit theblackvoid
Artwork Great Void Entity, Smiling Void Face

The Void is behind the canvas and tries to break through every r/place event.

r/place 2022


The Great Void Entity

Main article: Great Void Entity

The Great Void Entity was a creepy face staring out from the canvas, as though looking directly at the viewer. It wore a golden crown topped with a blue diamond, had several sets of eyes, a golden teeth. It started as a depiction of the depressed Mr. Incredible meme with white and black tiles after the the second expansion.

Smiling Void Face

The smiling Void face was a smaller version of the Great Void Entity, with red eyes and a smiling red mouth drooling blood. Rather than wearing a crown, a shining blue star perched on its head.



Unlike streamer raids, the Void mostly stayed in a given spot once establishing its territory. Unlike the Void Mother, the Void created creepy and often disturbing art. Unlike The Purple Void, the Void mainly utilized black and white tiles, sometimes using red to depict blood dripping from its artwork.