JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Name JoJo in r/place
AKA ShitPostCrusaders + StardustCrusaders + wholesomejojo collab
Description A collaboration between subreddits dedicated to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Artwork To Be Continued arrow, Killer Queen Bites the Dust

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken in Japan), usually abbreviated as JoJo, is an anime and manga series. It is relatively well-known throughout Reddit, notably due to the memes stemming from it, as well as its over-the-top nature and recognizable symbology.

Its efforts in r/place were coordinated in the Discord server JoJo in r/place, which was created as a collaboration between three JoJo subreddits: ShitPostCrusaders (meme subreddit), StardustCrusaders (generic subreddit) and wholesomejojo (fanart subreddit).


To Be Continued arrow

Main article: To Be Continued arrow

This arrow, which was the main feature of the JoJo r/place work, appears at the end of every chapter of the manga and every episode of the anime, and is widely known as a meme. An uncommon black and gold design based on the manga version was used here.

As this arrow always shows up in the bottom left of the final page/frame of the chapters/episodes, the JoJo in r/place community claimed its territory in the bottom left of the original 1000x1000 canvas with this symbol.

Inadvertently, a second, mirrored arrow was made to its left by users from outside the server. The community later adopted it anyway, drawing a Stand Arrow inside of it.

Killer Queen Bites the Dust

Main article: Killer Queen Bites the Dust

Another meme scene of JoJo consists of the Stand character Killer Queen peeking beneath a page of a book, having just attained its third and final ability, Bites the Dust. Here, this was remade as said stand peeking beneath the wallpaper pattern that had been made below the To Be Continued arrow. It is surrounded by instances of a stylized Katakana Go character, which in JoJo is frequently used to denote a menacing situation.

Part logos

The logos of each non-animated JoJo part (6 to 8) were made above Killer Queen. The logos for the animated parts also began to be made; however, the great whiteout started meanwhile, leaving only the Part 1 symbol made from among those.

The stylized "JoJo" from the English version of the series' logo was placed below Killer Queen's right elbow.

Jotaro's hat

The neighboring Jerma985 community agreed to cooperate with the JoJo community in making the streamer's hat the one used by the JoJo character Kujo Jotaro.





The three subreddits involved prepared and opened the server before the opening of r/place, as a response to the announcement of its return. This was helpful in the claim of its territory.

Said territory, expectedly, was highly contested, with the main highlights being the fight against an expanding Amogus penis, an expanding sword, small Amogi, and a streamer's logo.

The fans of the K-pop group Dreamcatcher initially settled right below the original arrow, having then agreed to relocate with help.

Due to the popularity of the series, activity by "randoms" was high, which, despite its maintenance value, led to certain issues - notably, an initial difficulty in the proper typing of "To Be Continued", the constant re-addition of ellipses after it, and the extent and expression of Killer Queen's face in the drawing. All of these were avoided in the final canvas.

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