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Name Komi
Description Komi Shouko (with cat ears) from "Komi Can't Communicate"
Location (725,665)
Atlas ID twpkn4
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Komi Shouko is a character from “Komi Can't Communicate” She was first built in the UK flag on day one of r/place (April 1 2022), but was consumed shortly after. Her second placement was next to their first ally (Denmark) but then was later destroyed by the void. Her third and final build started from around 10PM PST the same day on top of the osu! logo. Originally, after a post on r/komi_san, they organized the build under the gaming channel in the Komi-san fan discord server (later moving to a thread under said channel). Proceeding the creation of a dedicated subreddit and discord server, their numbers grew. They lost the Tadano Hitohito (main character of "Komi Can't Communicate) they had built due to an attack by twitch streamer "xQc". However, they were able to reconstruct him on top of the Senko loaf next to Osana Najimi (another character) after the second expansion due to their alliances. On April 4, with the whiteout and end of r/place (2022), Komi and her friends (alongside allies) were cemented in internet history.

The following year, on July 20 (2023), r/place made its controversial return, and members of the original project, as well as new ones, joined forces in creating her (and her friends). This time around, besides one major void attack and minor sabotage from Uruguay, Morocco, and the pride flag, Komi and friends were not met with nearly as much contention, and the community was able to construct her, popular side character Osana Najimi, and main character Tadano Hitohito (in that order). The end of the 2023 event came on July 25th making her part of internet history again, with a now staggering 600+ members in the discord server.

Notable Events


The Void

After undergoing a re-shading, Komi is immortalized in r/place 2022
Komi at the end of r/place 2022
Before and after the invasion, someone had created these humorous manga covers of Komi being invaded by / escpaing the Void

The constant threat of destruction on r/place. In this particular case it materialized near Komi and her ally Denmark. Despite the small community's best efforts, Komi was consumed. Many noticed this occurence, resulting in the beginning of the rapid growth of the community. See Komi Shouko

Failed Collab Between osu! and Star Wars

On day 2 of place, there was an attempted Collab between the Osu! Logo, and the Star wars poster in which the death star would slowly fire a the the logo in order to look good on the inevitable timelapse of r/place. However only closely related communities were informed, leading to misinterpretations of the situation. Some saw this as Star Wars' attack on Osu! and many anti-osu oppurtunists joined the fray, attempting the destruction of the log. Komi having been built directly on top of it with her hands on the logo, would naturally be caught in the crossfire. This brief attack was successfully defended against.

The xQc Attacks

Notable Canadian Streamer xQc was known for his large-scale attacks on certain communities, which would ultimately lead to the distruction of nearby small artworks along the way, therefore giving him notoriety among the r/place community for being a nuisance. He made multiple attacks on ally osu!, and due to Komi's integration into the logo, recieved waves of harrassment particularly in the use of purple pixels.

The Final Minutes

In the final minutes of the 2022 event as it is now widely known, users were made only able to place white pixels, therefore forced to destroy their own artwork. Though Komi lasted longer due to her being a completely community driven effort as opposed to being botted, she was targeted by nearby neighbours known as "The Jakes" whom with the community was on bad terms with (and had recieved harrassment from) towards the ending of the event. In one last effort to strike back, the community banded together to erase them off the map before Komi herself would eventually turn to white along with everything else.


The Void Strikes Again

The 1337 Attacks

Streamer attacks Najimi


Komi Shouko


The spot of the very first Komi-san is somewhat unconfirmed, but she most likely had her first form near the flag of the United Kingdom.

Komi-san is consumed as the Void prepares to invade Poland.

Some time later, the first recorded Komi-san was coordinated and built by a small group of people on the r/Komi-san Discord Server. The location for this Komi-san was the corner of a rectangle that had used to be a hub for the Void, but by now was a colony of Denmark to the right. Denmark became Komi's first ally, and Komi-san was even built to the left of two Danish cartoon characters. Her other immediate neighbors were Turkey to the left and Poland to the south. Some time during the first night, the Void struck back again, invading Turkey. The Komi-san Discord dispatched a plea for help, but they were quickly overwhelmed, and as the Void prepared to invade Poland and Denmark, Komi-san was consumed.

The coaltion unofficially dubbed the Northern Alliance (highlighted)

The next Komi-san was coordinated by a larger group of people on the Official Komi-san r/place Discord sever. Her chosen location was just above the Osu logo, where a deteriorating troll face had existed to the right of Australia. After forming alliances with the locals, Komi-san once again made her appearance on the canvas. Subsequent design changes included the addition of a crown (with unknown origin), and hands grabbing onto the Osu logo, which the people of the Osu community were more than happy to help with. Twitch streamer BTMC, who is regarded as the de facto faction leader of the Osu logo, even made remarks on the little Komi to the north. Along with Osu, Komi-san had forged alliances with Australia, Senko-san, Baby Metal, and Hong Kong. This northern alliance (because it was north of Osu) came to create a strong mutual defense bond against all the factions.

Komi-san rising up out of XQC's purple tendril invasion

But it was not enought to save everyone. On the second night, Komi-san and the rest of the alliance along with Osu, were prematurely attacked by a troll Twitch streamer named XQC. XQC's purple tendrils steamrolled through Senko, Australia, and Komi, before hitting its intended target of Hatsune Miku and Reimu Hakurei to the southeast. Later on, negotiations between BTMC and XQC broke down, and XQC launched two consecutive invasions of Osu (this became the part of a larger war between the two Twitch streamers.) In spite of all this, Komi was able to hold her ground steady, and not long after Senko-san and Australia were rebuilt, so was Komi-san. XQC's hub to the southeast eventually died out, allowing Miku and Reimu to make a return. Other factions joined in to fill the vacuum just above Miku and Reimu, and just below the Legend of Zelda Triforce. It was planned to add an "r/Komi" text to the right, but the plans never got implemented.

The end of Komi
Komi is obliterated as the destruction of Osu surges upwards

Komi-san would go through a few more design changes to her skin, hair, and crown, before the ultimate end came on day 4. When the whitening began, Osu was immediately enveloped. The beam of white then swiftly rose to the north like a beacon, obliterating Komi-san.

Despite another rogue Void invasion in Bulgaria, the first Tadano was safe...until XQC.

Tadano Hitohito


The first Tadano appeared to the left of Luffy (the "renowned creator of Osu"), to the south of Senko-bread, and to the right of Bulgaria. A rouge Void invasion subsequently invaded Bulgaria, which sparked fear for the builders of Tadano. However, the Void never damaged Tadano as they were simply going through Bulgaria in order to get to Megumin much farther north. Later, when XQC first launched his unprecented attack on his idea of the "weeb" community, he targeted Luffy, and in effect Tadano as well. When XQC's logo was plastered over Luffy, the first Tadano was erased.

A PROPOSED image of Tadano next to Komi-san. It was never built.

After the first fall of XQC on night 2, several factions flocked to Komi-san east to fill the vacuum just above Miku and Reimu, and just below the Legend of Zelda Triforce. One of those factions were the April Knights. A plan was made for a Tadano Hitohito to be built to the right of Komi, also peering over the Osu logo. But by the time the blueprints had been finished, the April Knights had already taken that territory and even formed an alliance with Komi-san. No attempt was made to build another Tadano until the second doubling of the canvas. The Komi-san community hastily upheld their alliance with Senko-san, and were permitted to build a Tadano, and also Najimi just above a newly formed Senko-bread (the first one had also been destroyed by XQC). Tadano was built first, just south of the slow construction of Twitch streamer JakeS. He had no trouble growing out his hair, but at the time, the blueprints gave him an Jousuke-esque haircut, contrary to Tadano's real haircut in the anime/manga. But even that was fixed as construction on JakeS gradually grew.

Tadano and Najimi finished

A war nearly broke out between Tadano and JakeS, as the conflict over the border became increasingly difficult to ignore. It's reported that JakeS refused to concede in negotiations, which lead to a quasi-war between the two factions, during which Tadano's hair popped up more, and JakeS was almost enveloped by a sea of blue. The war took a turning point though, and JakeS began to push back against Tadano's forehead with stunning progress. A second round of negotiations saw Tadano move down one pixel (which Senko-san was fine with), and JakeS moving up one pixel. The two sides remained at relative peace until the whiteneing, when JakeS ordered the irreversible nuking of Tadano. Komi-san responded by throwing their full weight at JakeS, nuking his icon with white as well, and ensuring that Tadano did not die in vain.

Najimi Osana


Najimi had a bit of a more troubled adolescence, as they were built south of an joint-territory between Australia and New Zealand. Recall that Komi-san was allied with Australia, and so by transivity they were also allied with New Zealand. A treaty gave the joint territory to New Zealand so they could build their kiwi and bluebird, while everything south of the rectangle all the way to Senko-loaf was allowed to be kept by Najimi. Najimi's ultimate uncompleted face actually fits in quite well with their character. It was made so that Tadano would look over concerned at his friend, whose smile would continue to appear despite an incomplete drawing. Other Najimis included plans for one on the transgender flag (which never was implemented), and a Najimi head on the flag of Argentina (which was never finished). Another plan ws proposed between Komi-san and New Zealand to have New Zealand's blue bird pirch on Najimi's hair. But mere minutes after the agreement had been made, the end of the 2022 event had begun.

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