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titanfolk written.png
Name Titanfolk
AKA Titanplace
Description A community for fans of the Attack on Titan manga and anime
Subreddit titanfolk
Discord https://discord.gg/KpKUhJJuRG
Artwork Eren Yeager, Floch Forster, Chibi Floch Forster

Titanfolk, whose r/place efforts on Discord went under the community name Titanplace, is a popular subreddit dedicated to the anime and manga series Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin in Japan). The subreddit is mostly focused on the manga and is known for the majority of its active userbase being critical of the story's ending.


Eren Yeager

Main article: Eren Yeager

"The Real Eren" is Eren Yeager's distressed expression from a panel in the Attack on Titan manga's final chapter. This particular expression has become a meme within the Attack on Titan community. Eren would later be accompanied by a speech bubble containing his iconic quote from the chapter, and the name of Titanfolk's subreddit, "r/titanfolk". This artwork survived until the Great Whiteout.

Floch Forster

Main article: Floch Forster

After the final canvas expansion and a previous failed attempt, Titanfolk, in partnership with Steins:Gate and their neighboring artwork, began work on Floch Forster's face from the Attack on Titan manga, in which he smiles fiendishly at Hange Zoe. This artwork was moved by PlaceNL, but survived in it's new spot until the great whiteout.

Chibi Floch Forster

Main article: Chibi Floch Forster

Chibi Floch Forster was a small, chibi-style artwork of Floch Forster from Attack on Titan. He was built on the Rainbow Road, but did not last long as the road destroyed him, despite communications having been made in attempts to ensure his safety.




Bot Use

Eren Anti-Grief

On the final day, Titanfolk began openly utilizing a small amount of bots to help maintain Eren Yeager's most contested facial areas. Eren's eyes and mouth in particular were under constant attack, and so these were a focus point for the community to defend before the canvas archived.

Floch Relocation by PlaceNL

PlaceNL forced Titanfolk's Floch Forster mural to relocate, and in doing so, added a template of Floch to their "bot army" to ensure his immediate relocation. This, in turn, assisted Titanfolk in defending Floch against an attack by French streamer BarnaBestPasOuf, who had wanted the popular Jujutsu Kaisen character Gojo in his place.


Titanfolk's r/place efforts began with a Reddit post asking which character the community should create on the canvas. It was generally decided that Titanfolk would create Eren Yeager's distressed face, and so a piece of pixel art was created that would become the base template for Eren.

Soon after the canvas opened, the Discord server "Titanplace" was created to help members coordinate efforts. Throughout the event, this server grew to over 1100 members. After the canvas closed, the Titanplace server became a general Titanfolk server, and all r/place specific channels were archived.

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