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Name xQcOW
Description xQc and his large audience that he was able to influence to change the canvas however he pleased
Website https://twitch.tv/xQcOW
Artwork The Purple Void, xQcOW Logo, xQcOW Cow, Moving Meteor, Zyzz Tribute

xQcOW, or simply xQc, is a Canadian Twitch streamer who had great influence over the r/place 2022 canvas by utilizing his massive community of live viewers to create and destroy whatever, and wherever he pleased.

r/place 2022


The Purple Void

Main article: The Purple Void

The purple void created and controlled by xQc took over large parts of the canvas and destroyed multiple artworks of small communities. It appeared on multiple occasions whenever xQc wanted it to, but ultimately was not present for the Great Whiteout.

Main article: xQcOW Logo

xQc created at least four instances of his own logo. His first attempt resulted in a clown nose being drawn over Winston, the character in the logo, by the United Factions of r/Place and other communities who wanted to get back at xQc for his habit of destroying art. xQc's second attempt resulted in the entire blue corner being taken over by a huge rendition of his logo. This area was eventually reclaimed by the blue corner after xQc went offline. xQc's third attempt at creating his logo resulted in the Star Wars artwork being entirely consumed by his community, but was soon after returned to its normal state.

xQc Cow

Main article: xQCOW Cow

Moving Meteor

Main article: Moving Meteor

Zyzz Tribute

Main article: Zyzz Tribute




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  • France
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