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Name Steins;Place Operation Elysian
AKA Steins;Gate, r/SteinsPlace
Description A community for fans of Steins;Gate
Subreddit SteinsPlace
Artwork Okabe, Divergence Meter

Steins;Place Operation Elysian is the name for r/place effort coordinated by the discord server of the same name.



Main article: Okabe

Artwork of Okabe Rintaro the protagonist of Steins;Gate along with Kurisu and Mayuri.

Divergence Meter

Main article: Divergence Meter

Artwork depicting the divergence meter from Steins;Gate. It was the first completed artwork made by r/SteinsPlace

Main article: Steins;Gate Initals

Originally the plan was to make the initals of Steins;Gate for r/place 2022. This did not work and it was wiped by the artwork that would become Snapnaps Flame.



April 1st 2022

The Steins;Gate r/place effort started late April 1st with a post by reddit user Garlic-Bread56[1] in the r/steinsgate subreddit with art from @FrenDiaga on twitter,[2]. Seeking interest in potentially getting Steins;Gate on r/place.

During this time we also made contact with the United Factions for r/place.

April 2nd 2022

On April 2nd the discord server founded by Garlic-Bread56 for the purpose for project coordinaton eventually decided upon and released a design for placing. The Steins;Gate Initials.

With the first map expansion of r/place the operation began, attempting to build the initials of Steins;Gate in the new area. We eventually managed to almost complete the design. Until we were wiped by another group which built atop us.

Realising the unfeasibility of such a large art with such fierce competition. Work began on a smaller art, a divergence meter. Which started building in a quiet spot atop the Netherlands flag.

It was at this point an overlay was created by the technically inclined of the community. This drastically improved the effectiveness and ease of the placing.

With the wonders of the overlay the Divergence Meter artwork was completed. Shortly after completing the art contact was made by the streamer community building the Super Mario 64 logo below us, asking us to move up a pixel so they could have some space. An agreement was made and the artwork was moved up. During the move an adjustment was made to the Divergence Meter giving it a different look.

April 3rd 2022

In the early hours of April 3rd EST contact was made with PlaceNL upon whom the Divergence Meter was built. Seeking protection from the expansion of their orange line. A proposal to leave our art alone in exchange for 40-50 bots was proposed and the proposal was put to a referendum. It did not pass, SteinsPlace did not want to run bots. However PlaceNL put to a vote whether to keep our art or remove it. They voted to keep the art for the moment.

In worry of our art being erased by PlaceNL work began looking for places to move to. During this contact was made with the TitanFolk the makers of the Eren Yeager in the top left corner. A proposal to build a chibi Kurisu near them, this did not pan out but an agreement was made with them for mutual protection on the next map expansion.

With the map expansion on April 3rd work began on our next artwork the original art proposed by Garlic-Bread56.

We then set to work building Okabe with some adaptions for the r/place color palette. As the art was being built a streamer known as XQC, wiped out our art during his crusade at the time. We then rebuilt Okabe with the new color palette introduced with the new map expansion, giving him a skintone and hair color.

After completing our art contact was made with our neighbors Chronotrigger, Dead by Daylight, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm. With our art completed we helped out our ally TitanFolk as they built their artwork of Floch Forster. We also continued updating our Okabe artwork adding among other things a chibi Kurisu and Mayuri.

In the midst of adding a gradient background to Okabe we were contacted by PlaceNL informing us they were going to move our Divergence Meter to a new location. The move went well and the Divergence Meter was moved to the spot where it resided until r/place lock.

April 4th 2022

On April 4th we were contacted again by PlaceNL informing us they were going to build a painting over our location. A deal was made with PlaceNL to have us along with our allies moved to new locations. This went very well with the move happening in great haste.

In our new location we were contacted by a group who wanted to build a lesbian flag in a no mans land between us and the Boston Bruins logo we allowed it and helped them in building the flag.

We also helped out our ally Chronotrigger in getting established, however. A new streamer arrives Quin69. Quin69 claims some area above the Boston Celts and proceeds to building an artwork representing him, he then procedes to grief Chronotriggers artwork and grief Dead by Daylights artwork beyond repair.

We manage to drive Quin69 back after allying with the Boston Bruins. We also after much consideration, properly ally with PlaceNL with us joining their bot protection in exchange for us running their bot. It was at this time we finalised the Okabe artwork.


With The Great Whiteout completing. Work began on transitioning the discord into a general Steins;Gate community server. Leaving it in its current state.

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