The Blue Corner

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The Blue Corner
Name The Blue Corner
Description The most glorious corner on the internet.
Location (1999,1999)
Atlas ID txhx4e
Creator r/TheBlueCorner

The Blue Corner is a blue rectangle on the bottom right corner of the canvas. It has "r/TheBlueCorner" written on the bottom.

r/place 2022


During r/place 2017 The Blue Corner formed at (999, 999). During r/place 2022 The Blue Corner was reestablished.


During r/place 2017 and 2022 The Blue Corner fought many enemies. In 2022 it faces a unique problem - the corner itself moved. The corner was completely relocated twice during r/place 2022.

Alliances & Enemies

The Blue Corner had many strong alliances, and strong enemies. To list, Cosmere, St louis blues, The American flag, the turtles, Scottland. these allays helped us out when we need it most. Enemies to list, Among us, The red corner, XQCow, Unorganized Members Of The Blue Corner. We were mainly mutual to the void.

Final Result

In the end The Blue Corner was triumphant. Standing tall until the whiteout destroyed the whole canvas. When r/TheFinalClean finished their version of the canvas they vandalized The Blue Corner by placing their watermark over it.

Further Reading

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