Seishun Buta Yarou

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German Mai Actual.png
Seishun Buta Yarou
Name Seishun Buta Yarou
Description A community centered around the anime Seishun Buta Yarou, specifically the female lead Sakurajima Mai
Subreddit maiplace

Seishun Buta Yarou (Japanese: 青春ブタ野郎) known in English as Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, is a Japanese light novel series written by Hajime Kamoshida and illustrated by Keiji Mizoguchi. Its community was a member group of the Mai Alliance.

r/place 2022


The piece was initially planned to be positioned between 573, 1830 and 606, 1870, directly bordering the Steins;Gate community's mural of Okabe. However, PlaceNL soon began construction of a massive painting, The Nightwatch, and the community was forced to relocate as most of the area was lost.


Maiplace's discord server has been created by RacerJax and the project was mainly led by tea and eurobat.

Other members who contributed:

  • Morkio
  • Phineas

The community struck an alliance between Titanfolk and Steins;Gate, and the new bounds of the piece were to be positioned from 518, 1800 to 550, 1839. A border was shared between the piece and Titanfolk's Floch mural. However, this new position was not without compromise, as the piece was overlapping murals from HCult and a small piece depicting a Pim's biscuit, which came to be known jokingly as a potato due to its resemblance to the tuber. It was settled that both groups would incorporate themselves into the SBY artwork in exchange for permission to expand the piece into their former space. At this point, there was only enough space available to construct the head of Mai Sakurajima as the south border, shared with the Suns and Arizona Cardinals, was not contestable. However, during the night, the community was able to expand upwards enough to completely construct the original artwork, along with some extra space for allies to occupy.

After the expansion, it was believed that the final position of the piece had been secured, but this would soon prove to be a naïve belief. Mere minutes after finishing the piece, PlaceNL began expanding their border directly upwards, which cut through the SBY mural by about 13 pixels, in order to construct The Seven Provinces. It was stated by PlaceNL that Titanfolk had contacted SBY about the construction of the painting, but no communication had actually taken place. Titanfolk and Steins;Gate's murals would be moved, and SBY would be left to fend for itself.

The community scrambled to find a solution, first moving Mai Sakurajima 5 pixels to the left as a contingency, then by attempting to negotiate a plan with PlaceNL. Diplomats from the SBY community were ignored at first, but were soon put through to representatives from PlaceNL. It was eventually decided that, in order to preserve SBY's artwork as well as The Binding of Isaac's mural, the left border of The Seven Provinces would shrink by 13 pixels allowing the original borders of these communities to persist. Despite this provision, the painting still claimed casualties, namely SC and the LA Cardinals. It was quickly negotiated that SC would move into the bottom right of the SBY piece, while the LA Cardinals would move to the bottom left, partially overlapping the SBY piece as well as the Flair Wars icon.

This position was the final position of the SBY mural, and it would be defended until the eventual whiteout.


Final Artwork

Final Mai Sakurajima Artwork (re-designed shades by HyTaKe)

Conceptual Artwork

Concept Art Ver.1

1st Concept designed by RacerJax and re-colored by ecks

Concept Art Ver.2

2nd concept (clean) by tea


r/place 2023


The final position is at coordinates (-1490, 502) & (-921, -969)


This project was mainly led by maik and eurobat.

Other members that contributed:

  • RacerJax
  • HyTaKe
  • u/Flat_Ad560

Due to the sudden announcement of r/place happening this year, the members had not made any plans in advance. As two days went by, there was no action regarding having a Mai piece on the canvas, which saddened a lot of members. However, everything changed when an empty spot was found on the left side top of the canvas at coordinates (-1449, -963). The members started using last r/place's design but recolored it to adapt to the new color palette of this year. Unfortunately, a German flag suddenly appeared out of nowhere and consumed everything in its path, including the Mai piece that was being worked on.

After that, a new location was discovered at coordinates (864, 903). The members worked hard and diligently, but there was a cat art piece being made, and Mai got consumed in their way without any chance of negotiations. Despite not giving up for so long, the final position was discovered at coords (-1490, 502). Unfortunately, it was smaller than the previous position they occupied, but it was better than nothing. So, the members started designing something that could represent Mai in a smaller area.

After a while of hard work, the massive German flag ,at the top side of the canvas that consumed Mai before, decided to host smaller community builds on their flag. The Maiplace discord submitted their request, and to their delight, they got selected. Another Mai piece was suddenly built on the German flag, marking a huge improvement compared to last year's r/place. Not only did they now have two Mai pieces, but they also had stronger allies than before.

As time went on, and both Mai pieces were done and solidified, the members decided to add Sakuta next to Mai and went ahead with that plan. However, during the building of Sakuta, the Romanian flag above them kept trying to delete the borders and expand, resulting in a constant defense and build situation. This made Sakuta take considerably longer than the previous pieces. Thankfully, in the end, the Romanian flag stopped its expansion, and both Mai and Sakuta were safely completed.

With more free space on their hands, the Maiplace discord server decided to build Kaede next to Sakuta. They first went with a Minecraft skin look and made a small piece next to Sakuta. However, they then changed their minds and decided to have something similar to the Komi/OSU! build. They reached out to the Hong Kong discord server to request having Kaede at the corner of their piece, to which the Hong Kong server agreed.

During this process, there was also some Morse code that had to be relocated due to the larger size of the Kaede piece. The Maiplace server helped with the relocation. In the end, the final canvas featured four pieces from the Maiplace server: Mai (on the German flag), Mai (on the left side of the canvas), Sakuta (next to Mai on the left side of the canvas), and Kaede (next to Sakuta and on the top left corner of Hong Kong).


Mai on German Flag.png

Final image of Mai on the German flag.


Image of Mai/Sakuta/Kaede next to Hong Kong and Morse Code.

Conceptual Artwork

German Mai Actual.png

Conceptual artwork of Mai that got accepted onto the German flag.

German Mai.png

Other conceptual artwork of Mai that was designed after the expansion of the color pallet.


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