Divergence Meter

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Divergence Meter final artwork.png
Divergence Meter
Name Divergence Meter
Description Artwork of the Divergence Meter from Steins;Gate.
Location (1204,29)
Atlas ID 000205
Creator Steins;Gate

The Divergence Meter is a device from the popular anime and visual novel Steins;Gate.


The concept was to adapt the divergence meter from Steins;Gate. The original design featured a large prominent base with the nixie tubes on top. The base was removed however as people were building below us. Three revisions of the art were made. Most being changes to the nixie tube design.


The Divergence Meter was the second artwork to be worked on and the first to be successfully completed. It was originally located at roughly 1540, 18. However an agreement was made with PlaceNL to move the artwork. It was then moved to 1204,29 where it resided until the end of r/place.

Final Result

After undergoing the move by PlaceNL the artwork successfully made it though to the final canvas without any errors.

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