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PlaceNL 2023 Symmetriek.png
Name r/PlaceNL
AKA Place Netherlands
Description r/PlaceNL was an organised collaboration to place Dutch artwork on r/place, with participants coming from all over Reddit.
Subcommunities None
Subreddit PlaceNL
Artwork see article

r/PlaceNL is the primary community of Dutch users in r/place. The r/PlaceNL community has made a lot of recognisable artworks in past events, including the De Nachtwacht Painting, the Zeven Provinciën Painting, The Starry Night and more. During an r/place event, the Dutch community can often be found constructing their flag at the top of the canvas. The 2023 event differs from past events in that the Dutch flag was not at the top of the final canvas. This can be attributed to the fact that the canvas expanded upwards some days after the start of the event, and that a full-scale move to the new top was deemed not possible nor required by the community.

Starting within the broader r/thenetherlands subreddit during the 2017 event, the group split off into a seperate entity and grew in size during the 2022 and 2023 events, with the r/PlaceNL Discord server passing 10,000 members near the end of the 2023 r/place. The most recognisable work made by the community found in all events they have participated in is the Dutch flag (three horizontal stripes in red, white, and blue from top to bottom), with an added banner of orange, usually on top. The latter is in reference to the popular Dutch song "Oranje boven" (Orange on top) and the orange streamer ("wimpel") flown with the flag on special occassions, which are in turn references to the relationship of the Dutch royals with their country.


The following is a list of all the art PlaceNL has worked on or allowed to be on their part of the Canvas:

On the top of the Canvas

On the Bottom of the Canvas:

Relocated Art

PlaceNL had to relocate some artwork in order to create the two large paintings on the bottom of the canvas, below is a list of those.

Once existing artwork:




PlaceNL originated in r/place 2017. Before the community was formed, people used the Cirkeltrek Discord server to coordinate. Cirkeltrek is the Dutch circlejerk.

A Circletrek user (Dutch circlejerk) asks other users for help with the Dutch anthem (Het Wilhelmus). The oldest remaining record of a call for collabiration in the Dutch community.

The old server, most likely deleted, was created soon after.

Many people in the old PlaceNL Discord server during r/place 2017, with many people in a voicecall.

Just like in the latest edition of r/place, you could see who placed a pixel by hovering over it. User u/Pill-bo_Baggins messaged many users who interrupted our plans by trying to "clean up" the flag.

A message from u/Pill_bow-baggins, informing the user about the PlaceNL plans, and inviting them to the Discord server.


With the old server deleted, a new Discord server had to be created. u/Pinky135 (better known in the community as Roze) was the last remaining moderator on r/PlaceNL. She created a new Discord server that is still being used to this day. Before, and over the course of the event, new and old members of PlaceNL became part of the organization, leading its community during the event.

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