Floch Forster

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Floch on the canvas.png
Floch Forster
Name Floch Forster
Description Floch's fiendish smile at Hange Zoe, from the Attack on Titan manga.
Location (730,1880)
Atlas ID twvgr7
Creator Titanfolk

Floch Forster is a character from the popular anime and and manga series Attack on Titan. He has become a fan-favorite character across some areas of the fandom and was created on the 2022 canvas by Titanfolk.


The plan to make Floch started coming together during a conversation following the user 'juic' proposing at 6:29AM EST, April 2nd in the titanplace discord to make a Floch, to which several users posted different images of Floch to be used as the basis of a pixel art. The user 'A certain touhou fan' recommended to use the black and white manga panel of Floch holding up his index finger, which he claimed would be easier to draw than the anime Floch, as the latter would require multiple shades of brown, which did not exist at the time on r/place. At 7:07AM EST, admin 'Snow Fox' finished and sent into the main titanplace chat a pixel art version of the manga panel 'A certain touhou fan' had posted, with a size of 30x45 pixels.


First Attempt

Around 12:25 EST, the canvas had expanded for the first time, at which point several users recommended to actually begin work on Floch, although many said to maintain and fix Eren before trying anything else. At 1:05PM, 'H-K_47' posted a plan for Floch with a top left corner at 1800,14. At 1:25PM, the Dutch flag on the Northern border crossed in from the West, and quickly covered the entire Northern part of Floch, causing the first attempt to be over less than 30 minutes after beginning.

Second Attempt

After the final canvas expansion, Titanfolk, in partnership with Steins;Gate and their neighboring artwork, began work on Floch again at the bottom of the canvas. This piece was created directly above PlaceNL's The Night Watch artwork, meaning it was forced to relocate when PlaceNL began upwards expansion efforts. To ensure a quick and safe relocation, PlaceNL added a template of Floch to their bot network. This, in turn, assisted Titanfolk in defending Floch from attacks by French streamer BarnaBestPasOuf, who wanted popular Jujutsu Kaisen character Gojo Sakuiaosrhi in his place. During these attacks, Titanplace server members raided BarnaBestPasOuf's Twitch chat and Discord to demonstrate their retaliation against the attack on their artwork. Titanfolk was successful in their defense and BarnaBestPasOuf moved his efforts to another area of the canvas.

Final Result

Floch Forster was present and intact for the Great Whiteout.

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