Eren Yeager

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Eren Yeager Head Template.png
Eren Yeager
Name Eren Yeager
Description Eren Yeager's expression from the final chapter of the Attack on Titan manga
Location 139,139
Atlas ID twmls3
Creator Titanfolk

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist from the popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan. His expression and quote created on the canvas by Titanfolk originate from the manga's final chapter, which has spawned many memes within the community.


The idea to create Eren on the r/place 2022 canvas originated from a Reddit post to r/titanfolk by u/throwaway732738, in which they proposed multiple characters and memes that the subreddit could make. The majority of commenters expressed interest in building Eren's distressed face from the final chapter, which had become a meme after it's release one year prior. User u/dismay-snk saw this and created their own post, with an expanded template that included the "No! I don't want that!" speech bubble. Soon after posting, u/dismay-snk linked a 100x100 pixel art they'd created of the panel that would be fit for the canvas.

On April 1st, u/throwaway732738 made a post with the pixel art detailing what r/place was and where Eren would be made. The location was decided to be at coordinates 139, 139, in reference to the manga's final chapter, chapter 139. This post was pinned by moderator u/HK-47, who would also later go on to create the Titanplace Discord server.


Soon after the canvas opened and efforts began, it became apparent that building downwards would not be possible due to the massive Ukraine flag beginning to span the canvas. It was quickly decided that the community would build upwards instead, and new plans were arranged as well as a Discord server created to help coordinate efforts. This new plan placed Eren dangerously close to the expanding void that had spawned from the Runescape community's "Connection lost" message, however, the void was nullified before it damaged Titanfolk's artwork.

To assist in efforts, Titanfolk recruited other Attack on Titan subreddits to help, such as r/ANRime, r/YeagerBomb, and r/ShingekiNoKyojin. After the basic structure was complete, Titanfolk began utilizing an overlay to help correct disproportionate areas. This helped, but the speech bubble on the original template could not fit where it was supposed to. Later on, Titanfolk began conceptualizing a new area for a speech bubble, and began work on creating it to the left of Eren.

The pink penis that had been appearing and disappearing from CS:GO's logo made an approach towards Eren and began to enter his mouth. This was quickly fought off by Titanfolk and it's neighboring community Wales, who's flag had also been intruded. This would not be the last time Titanfolk had to fight off a phallic object, as the red and white "candy cane cock" travelling across the left side of the canvas made multiple approaches on Eren, with plans by the Danish community and random users to enter the object into Eren's face. The Danish community responsible for maintaining Denmark's presence on the canvas claimed no responsibility, but instead insisted it was random people extending the penis into other art. Titanfolk fought long and hard through the remaining days of r/place 2022 to fight off, redirect, and ultimately destroy the "candy cock", eventually proving themselves successful after removing the object from Eren's surroundings before the Great Whiteout.

At 51:30, CS:GO streamer ohnepixel instructed his viewers to begin building a new piece of CS:GO art next to Eren's "No! I don't want that!" speech bubble. He soon expanded his efforts into the speech bubble itself, which Titanfolk and allies defended against. Live communications were quickly established with ohnepixel after he joined the Titanplace server's voice channel to negotiate. It was decided that ohnepixel and his audience would leave alone any works by the Attack on Titan community, and so they instead targeted the by then defunct Genshin Impact logo to the upper left.[1]

On the final day, Titanfolk began openly utilizing a small amount of bots to help maintain Eren's most contested facial areas. While low in number compared to other communities and initially misconfigured, the bots began to provide a small helping hand in defending Eren against trolls, griefers, and pixel misplacements. It was also on the final day that Titanfolk added their own name to the canvas in small lettering to the right of Eren, taking the space left behind by the "candy cock" after it's removal.

Final Result

Eren remained mostly intact for the Great Whiteout, with only portions of his hair being overlapped by neighboring artworks. Despite the constant onslaught on his facial features, Eren's eyes, nose and mouth all mostly maintained their original design.



  1. 👋 MY FIRST CSGO STREAM 👋, ohnepixel.
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