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Steins;Gate Okabe artwork.png
Name Okabe
Description Artwork of Okabe Rintaro along with Kurisu and Mayuri from Steins;Gate.
Location (516,1903)
Atlas ID twtcdt
Creator Steins;Gate

Okabe Rintaro is a character from the popular anime and and visual novel Steins;Gate and was created on the r/place 2022 canvas by Steins;Gate. The artwork features Okabe Rintaro, chibi versions of Mayuri and Kurisu, along with a collaboration heart between the Boston Bruins and Lesbian Flag.


The original art was created by an artist known as @FrenDiaga on twitter.[1] However the r/place artwork drifted considerably from the original artwork. With many changes made to coloring, addition of a gradient background, and additions of smaller artworks alongside.


Okabe was the 3rd artwork to be worked on by Steins;Gate and the 2nd to be completed. With the the 2nd map expansion work began on building Okabe at the approximate location of 630,1826.

The Okabe artwork was successfully built however XQC appeared and during his crusade of the map wiped out our artwork. The artwork was built again however.

Afterward numerous revisions of the art followed and XQC returned. With the return of XQC to our area nervousness was rife, however XQC is a known Steins;Gate fan. Wheither it was the recognisability of our art or some other reason XQC diverted attention away from us and built an artwork of a turtle not far away from us.

It was sometime later PlaceNL contacted us informing us they wanted space for the artwork of De Zeven Provinciën. An agreement was made and we were moved to a new location.

In the new location contact was made with a group wishing to build a lesbian flag in a no mans land between us and the Boston Bruins logo. It was permitted and we helped them establish themselves. With the steamer Quin69 arriving and griefing our ally Chronotrigger. Quin69 possibly after seeing us help Chronotrigger, proceded to grief us. However in his griefing he provoked the Boston Bruins this lead to Steins;Gate allying with the Boston Bruins and subsequently the collaboration heart seen in the final artwork.

Final Result

The Okabe artwork managed to make it to the final r/place nearly intact with only a few minor errors.

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