Terraria Bunnies

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Terraria Bunnies.png
Terraria Bunnies
Name Terraria Bunnies
Description A family of Terraria bunnies, Including a Golden Bunny
Location 403, 7
Area 845 pixels
Atlas ID tx3ozm
Creator The Terraria community

Background Info

In Terraria bunnies are harmless creatures that can be caught with a bug net and do not interact with the player in any way, they typically serve as ambient entities, but a golden version of the bunny has a 1/400 chance of spawning, and can be sold for 10 gold.

r/place 2022


Originally the Terraria community set out to create a single regular bunny (The one which has now turned golden) on the Terraria Discord server, during creation to speed up the progress they asked the Kurzgesagt community for help, which they graciously offered.


In the early construction of the bunny there was a green background around it to differentiate the colors around it, but it was quickly changed to an orange one for the Netherlands. After this a 2nd bunny was created to fill up space, and then came smaller baby bunnies (Which aren't in the game) and flowers.

Final Result

Thankfully this art piece remained intact until The Great Whiteout.

r/place 2017


In 2017 the Terraria community, presumably from Reddit was able to create a bunny on the canvas. After this bunny was made on the Rainbow road there was a Microsoft Logo put on it but not much else was done to it.

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