Canvas Expansions

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The Canvas Expansions were two events during r/place 2022 wherein the size of the canvas doubled, and extra colors were added to the color palette.

The First Expansion

The first expansion of the canvas happened about 27 hours, 42 minutes into the event, doubling the canvas to the right. The major factions at the right-side edge of the initial quadrant, such as Green Lattice and r/FuckCars, expanded immediately, more than doubling their territories. The Blue Corner abandoned its initial territory to move to the new bottom-right corner.

The Second Expansion

The second expansion of the canvas happened about 54 hours, 20 minutes into the event, once again doubling the canvas. This time, however, the expansion occurred on the bottom. The large groups at the bottom edge of the canvas were immediately able to control the adjoining territory, though a few major groups such as r/onepiece would later move further into the new canvas. The Blue Corner abandoned its second territory to move to the newest bottom-right corner.

One of the first things created on the new canvas was "ENOUGH!" as many users didn't know how long the r/place event was planned to go on.

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