Nordic Union

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The Nordic Union is a community dedicated to maintaining flags and iconography of Nordic countries of 2022 r/place.

Nordic Union
Name Nordic Union
Description A community dedicated to maintaining flags and iconography of Nordic countries on r/place.
Subcommunities Finland,Norway,Sweden,Denmark,Iceland,Greenland,Faroe Islands,Åland,the Sápmi
Subreddit place_nordicunion

r/place 2022


The Nordic Union community was founded on March 29th at 22:10 when the subreddit place_nordicunion was created. The subreddit was advertised in various other Nordic subreddits and at it's peak the subreddit had 4.6k members and the Discord server had more than 9k members.

The Timeline of r/place _nordicunion is a google docs document that summarizes the history of the Nordic Union in r/place. The document is 203 pages.


Community Collaborations
Norway Collaboration with r/chess and r/anarchychess on building Magnus Carlsen.

Alliances with Maryland and DGG.

Diplomacy with Suriname to create flag heart.

Peace agreements with Homestuck and RuneScape.

Sweden Collaborations with Kurzgesagt and TF2.
Denmark Attempted peace treaties with Ukraine, but inconsistent results.

Ties to other communities



The alliance with Hungary were formed around the same time as the Romanian one. This were more of a non-aggression pact since none of the communities would protect each other’s artworks. On the second to last day the pact fell off due to some "rogue" people from Sweden and Finland that attacked Hungary.

North-western Alliance & r/RuneScape

The North-western Alliance (NWA), that r/RuneScape also were a part off, had a temporary non-aggression pact with the union to protect the union during night (UTC). It wasn't a solid pact and bounced between war and peace after the first 12 hours, this was caused by r/RuneScape wanting bigger area in return for the protection. This was later resolved and developed into a non-aggression pact but not a full alliance.

r/anarchychess & r/chess

This collaboration were founded in order to construct Magnus Carlsen on the Norwegian flag, the alliance also included protection of the Magnus Carlsen artwork. They also participated in moving Magnus to make room for the NWA.


r/Destiny was situated between the Danish and Norwegian flag, their logo was built on the first day and the flags spread around to avoid the logo. An alliance was created for them to keep the union safe during night and the union kept them safe during the day. This turned out to be a good decision for r/Destiny since they got attacked by streamers, the union helped them fend it off and in gratitude they drew a Viking helmet on top of their mascot. The pact with r/Destiny lasted until the end of r/Place.


An alliance was formed between the union and Romania, this was done so none of the communities would intrude on each other’s artworks but also to protect each other from attacks. The alliance was strained when a Polish streamer took over the Romanian flag, the first wave was fended off but the second couldn't be held back. The union and Romania tried to find a new place for them, but this wasn't successful.

Team Fortress 2, Source & Titanfall 2

TF2 and Source went into and alliance with the union to stop getting attacked. This collaboration worked well as the Swedish wanted their logo moved to make space for more artworks on the Swedish flag, their logo was moved more to the right and left alone and protected by the union.

Other alliances

  • Kurzgesagt: No-one in the union wanted to remove the Kurzgesagt logo since so many like the channel, an alliance was made so that none of the "rogue" Swedes would attack them.
  • Maryland: Not a lot of information how the alliance were made, Maryland got protection from an accidental streamer attack, this were fended off with the unions help.
  • r/docterwho: Finland went into an alliance to let r/docterwho build a Tardis on the Finish flag.
  • r/NonCreditableDefense: This pact was made to guarantee protection for the union during the night.
  • r/PlaceNL: This was an alliance created to not attack each other.
  • r/PlaceStartTaskbar: An arrangement was made to have a Nordic Union button on the taskbar.
  • TeosGame: No information available, a pact was made but no information about it.
  • Ukraine: Denmark formed an alliance with Ukraine to keep the space that were left over after Twitch streamer Nymn.



Sweden wanted to expand their canvas so they could fit more artwork, at the time there were a TF2 artwork and the Czech flag in the way, the TF2 logo were moved (see above). But the Czech did not want to, the Union didn't want to go into war since there were a pact between them. But Sweden wanted the real estate, a new term of "rogue Swedes", Swedes said this was Czech propaganda, were coined since the union could not control them. When the canvas expanded the union took the responsibility to help Czech move their flag and end the war, this was a successful move.


Hungary got invaded by "rogue Swedes" and the finish part of the union, Finland wanted more canvas area and saw the opportunity when Sweden wanted to expand. This time the union also declared war on Hungary after a long delay due to infiltrators for Hungary and lack of agreement in the moderation team. The full-scale attack led to the fall of the Hungarian flag and made it possible for the construction of the Silja-Line ship.








Faroe Islands



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