KLM Airplane

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KLM Boeing 737-800.png
KLM Airplane
Name KLM Airplane
Location (1642, 16)
Creator PlaceNL

During the 2022 r/place, r/placeNL built a KLM airplane. This airplane was designed after a Boeing 737-800.

In 2022 KLM had a total of 31 737-800's. The 737-800 fleet of KLM was used for Flighs to everywhere in Europe and airports in the top of Africa and parts of Asia. With 31 737-800's the most percentage of KLM is these beautiful aircraft.

KLM is an acronym for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Aviation Society). The company is very important for the country of the Netherlands and for the Dutch community, as it has brought billions of Dutch citizens and international tourists to and from the Kingdom of the Netherlands since its founding in 1919. This old age also makes it the oldest airline that still operates under its original name.

The first route that KLM ever flew was established under Alfred Plesman, and KLM still flies this route with its Boeing 737's and Embraer E175/E190's. The aforementioned route is Amsterdam-London.

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