The Starry Night

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Starry Night2023.png
The Starry Night
Name The Starry Night
Description A pixelart recreation of the van Gogh painting "De Sterrennacht" (The Starry Night). 2023 version is shown.
Location 350, 940 (2017). 1480, 18 (2022). -930, -500 (2023)
Creator r/placeNL, r/netherlands

The Starry Night was an artwork included on all past r/place canvases, created primarily by the r/PlaceNL and r/netherlands communities. The artwork is a pixelart rendition of the famous painting "De Sterrennacht" (The Starry Night) by painter Vincent van Gogh. It has been included at three different sizes, with the 2023 edition taking up the most pixels, with a count of roughly 14000.

The Starry Night is an oil-on-canvas painting made by van Gogh in June of 1889. It shows the view he had from his asylum room window just before sunrise, although he added a fictional village. It is widely regarded as van Gogh's best work, and is one of the most recognisable pieces of Western art.


The Starry Night has seen versions included in all three past r/place events.


The 2017 version of The Starry Night was included as part of the Windows 95 task bar that was included at the bottom of the canvas. It is included within a window, with the icon being a number of paint brushes and a canvas, and the title "Gogh.bmp". The painting itself covers an area of 7830 pixels, exluding the window, and was created mostly by the r/netherlands community.

The creation of the work began on Saturday April 1st, 2017 around 15:00 GMT. The recreation of the painting was completed on Sunday April 2nd, around 04:30 GMT, with the artwork being included within the Windows 95 taskbar around 18:00 the same day. The entire work assumed its near final form on the third day of the event, staying roughly the same untill its end.

The 2017 edition of The Starry Night as seen at the end of the event.


The 2022 version of The Starry Night was included on the Dutch flag at the top of the canvas, also crossing over into the orange bar at the very top. This rendition is notably smaller than those created during the 2017 and 2023 events, with a pixel count of 1736. Notably, this version includes a picture frame, and was accompanied by a small drawing of Vincent van Gogh himself. The painting was made by the r/placeNL community.

Construction of the 2022 edition began roughly around 21:00 GMT on Saturday, April 2nd 2022. Due to its small size, the artwork was completed within roughly half an hour. However, the work continued to be tweaked well into the third day, reaching its near final form at around 11:00 GMT. The small painting of Vincent van Gogh that obscures some of the right side of the work was added later that day.

The 2022 edition of The Starry Night as seen at the end of the event.


The 2023 edition of The Starry Night as seen at the end of the event.

The most recent edition of The Starry Night that was featured on an r/place canvas was made during the 2023 event by the r/placeNL community. This painting is the largest of all currently made renditions, at 13969 pixels. It was included in the Dutch flag and orange bar, located in the middle of the canvas. This version is also the most accurate to the original oil painting by van Gogh, with more accurate colors and more detail.

The creation of the 2023 edition was started around 09:00 GMT on Sunday, July 23rd, and was completed roughly three hours later. It remained largely unchanged for the remainder of the event, and was still on the canvas by the time the event closed on July 25th. The bottom right of the painting is obscured by part of a collaboration between r/placeNL and r/placeDE.

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