Green Lattice

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Green Lattice
Name Green Lattice
Description The Green Lattice is a group dedicated to building the green and black pattern they are named after, and protecting art within their borders.
Subcommunities Prophets of Grapu
Subreddit greenlattice
Artwork Grapu

The Green Lattice is an alliance created in 2017 that is dedicated to protecting the art within its borders. They fill unused space with a green and black pattern, going around pre-existing artwork that others had created, and form alliances with the nearby artworks to help protect both the lattice, and the art.


See also: Grapu

Grapu is the Green Lattice's mascot. He started as a little work of art in Place 2017 that got destroyed twice and never made it to the final canvas. Over the years since then, we've grown to love him. He was rebuilt and protected on the 2022 canvas.

r/place 2017



The Green Lattice pattern started organically in the upper middle right side of the canvas. A few posts were made on the r/place subreddit discussing the development of the pattern; these posts resulted in more attention being brought to the Lattice, increasing the speed of its growth. As people noticed that it was becoming more than a random patch of pixels, two subreddits were created: r/the_grove and r/greenlattice. Both subreddits grew quickly at the start, but r/greenlattice proved to be more popular. The two subreddits eventually merged together into r/greenlattice, and joined forces with the Discord server that had been created as well.

The members of the Green Lattice decided to work according to a small set of principles:

  1. We protect art. We knew this was meant for art, and we would work our hardest to protect our other artists at all costs.
  2. No bots. This was a movement that had to be done by the people and for the people. Bots ruined the spirit of the place.
  3. We will not aggress against anyone. We are a peaceful group, and we feel that aggression only leads to never ending conflict and destruction of our lands.
  4. Keep the Lattice clean. We are nothing without the lattice.


The lattice continued to grow explosively, to the largest it would ever be. It became the second largest continuous mass of color on the canvas, behind the Blue Corner.

Creation of the Subreddit Banner

Color Changes

Early Green Lattice was a pattern of green and light green with a white background. This formed quickly because the r/place 2017 started as a blank white canvas. As development continued many random color pixel were being place in the pattern causing it to look dirty.

Screen shot of the announcement for the treaty.
Screenshot of the announcement for the treaty
The start of changing the lattice background. Notice how dirty the lattice looks.

As a solution and partial collaboration with the Black Border Project trying to add a black outline to the canvas, Green Lattice started the process of changing the white to black. This helped us have more clear territorial boundaries and The Black Void would have much less of an impact if they would attack.

This color changing process was used in r/place 2022, where we use the white to expand quickly, and the black to protect what we already have.

r/place 2022

The North Lattice

The approximate boundaries of the North Green Lattice, near (1080, 430).

The North Lattice was created on April 1, 2022, in the upper right side of the canvas. It can be viewed on the atlas here.

Artwork present at the end of r/place

Artwork not present at the end of r/place

The South Lattice

The approximate borders of the Southern Green Lattice (note our only ally south of the Deltarune characters is Juke's Towers of Hell).

The South Lattice was created on April 3, 2022 after the second expansion, approximately in the center of the southwest quadrant of the canvas. It can be viewed on the atlas here.

Artwork in the South Lattice





When Reddit announced that r/place would be returning April 1, 2022, the Green Lattice Discord server sprung back to life, and they started making plans for their return to r/place. When r/place 2022 finally began, their members started constructing their green and black pattern, or lattice, in the upper-right side of the canvas. After a few attempts at constructing their banner, they managed to build it to the west, near the current location of the Red Rising banner.

First Alliances and Conflicts

As the canvas started to fill up, the Green Lattice made alliances with their neighbors, 2b2t, Geometry Dash, and r/monero. Their neighbors Portugal and Spain were slowly encroaching on their territory, but the r/gamestonk line formed a border between the flags and the lattice.

Attack of the Spanish Streamer

The Azulejo Incident

The First Expansion

The peace treaty signed by the members of the Green Lattice and Mizkif.

Eastward Expansion and the Mizkif Alliance

The Invasion of Asmongold

Second Expansion and Reconstruction

Fight for the Southern Lattice

The Return of Grapu

The Defense of the Two Lattices

The Whitening

r/place 2023

Core Lattice

The main territory of the Green Lattice, created after the third expansion of the canvas

German Lattice

This area was given to us by r/placeDE after the third expansion to give smaller communities more space to create art.

German Lattice 2023.png

Artwork not present in the final canvas

Northwestern Colony

The northwestern colony, created after the second-to-last expansion.

Eastern Colony

The eastern colony, created with the help of Staiy, r/starwars_place, and Spreen

The eastern colony was created after the final expansion. The streamer Staiy let the Green Lattice stay in the area around the template his chat was working on, and this turned into a great alliance that would eventually result in the lattice's expansion upwards.


Allies present in the final Lattice

Allies present elsewhere


Initial Lattice

Venezuelan attack and expansion into dog

Return of the dog and our last stand


German Alliance and German Lattice

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