Michigun Memorial

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Michigun Memorial
Name Michigun Memorial
Description Memorial in memory of the late Geometry Dash community figure Michigun.
Location 942, 393
Area 1887 pixels
Atlas ID 000070
Creator Geometry Dash community

The Michigun Memorial was built in memory of the late prominent Geometry Dash player Michigun, who unfortunately passed away in March of 2021[1]. The effort was coordinated by the GD in r/place Discord server, which was also responsible for many other Geometry Dash-related artworks across the canvas.


Michigun was an Austrian Geometry Dash player, who was most well-known for being at the top of the star-count leaderboard of the game starting from late 2015 until April 2017, when he was finally surpassed by the player Shaggy23.[2] By the end of the year, he had been surpassed by multiple players, marking the end of his period of dominance in the stargrinding scene.

During his time playing the game, he also achieved a status as a major community figure, becoming well known throughout and respected by many players, newcomers and well seasoned veterans alike. He was also responsible for the creation of a series of levels based on the many temples of the Legend of Zelda series. His usage of triple spikes throughout his levels caused them to become his trademark, with many creators putting the text "every level needs a triple" or "For Michi" behind triple spikes in their levels as a joke.[2]

On April 11th, 2017, Michigun hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, which prompted him to make a face reveal on the channel[3]. He is to this date one of the few Geometry Dash YouTubers to reach this milestone.

On December 8th, 2017, Michigun announced his retirement from the game via a status message on his profile that reads "game over. I wish you all the best. ;)", going into a hiatus from that point on with relatively little activity.[4]

On March 27, 2021, Viprin, another prominent community figure and close friend of Michigun was informed of his passing by one of his relatives. This info was not made public on request of his family until March 30, 2021, when it was announced on Twitter.[1] The news rocked the relatively small community, and many community members created tributes to the late legend.

r/place 2022

On the 1st of April, the project was started, and the memorial was finished not too long after, being situated in the heart of the Green Lattice and directly above the 2b2t logo.

Throughout the three days, other than a close call with Portugal, the memorial was not in great danger for the grand majority of the event. As time progressed, the memorial got multiple upgrades, with better shading being added as well as new corner decorations.


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