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Name r/LittleBigPlanet
Description r/LittleBigPlanet was created and organized by the members of LBP Union at 2022, a LittleBigPlanet community. It features the LBP2 tree and the colors represent the games. And another group created Sackboy as an agreement for mutual protection. On 2023, it only featured Sackboy riding a corgi at the British flag.
Subreddit littlebigplanet

LittleBigPlanet is a puzzle platform video-game series created by Media Molecule and published by Sony, The game has millions of user-generated content and has it's own tagline "Play, Create, Share". It is available on multiple PlayStation consoles.

The community never participated in r/place at 2017 but took a chance at 2022. The contribution was actually been honored by the official LittleBigPlanet's twitter, shown here.

r/place 2022


Before r/place began. Ezoiar, a Peacekeeper Captain (Lead Moderator) from LBP Union, was made aware of the event's return. He started a poll about if the community should create Sackboy on r/place, The results were mostly positive. This encouraged Ezoiar to ask LBP Union's scribes (Creative Team) if they could create a sprite of Sackboy, which they never did.

The First Day

When r/place started, There was no activity until several hours later. IsPlant, approached Ezoiar in r/place chat that him and the few others were trying to create a tree, and wanted help. Ezoiar gladly accepted as he was slowly losing hope, and then several others joined as time progresses.

They originally created at 710, 999. However they were forced to relocate somewhere else, They chose a place where there was a mess at 76, 126. But they have to make their template smaller because their original template was colliding with Genshin Impact's logo, and there just wasn't enough people to hold it.

They eventually decided to relocate again as their tree was destroyed and nearly impossible to retake it, Some suggested that the tree should be made on the flag of Ukraine since it's massive size, This got rejected because it can draw a very strong negative reputations and relations, Especially that the event was happening during the Russo-Ukrainian war. Ezoiar then suggested that they create it at 61,142 and just simply accepted it.

The Second Day and Pre-invasion

As people start to disagree on their location, Ezoiar suggested once again that they do it at Green Lattice, and IsPlant suggested that the group asks for permission, Ezoiar did IsPlant's suggestion and asked Green Lattice.

Meanwhile they were waiting for the answer, They continued to look for other places until Toffi suggested that the group should create it at 1428,999. Ezoiar accepted that idea until some time later that an Arab flag attacked, which also made some reconsider their location since it would collide with others. Dstomp, A well known person on the community, showed the group that their template is simply incompatible with their location. A tiny version of the tree template was created by "Robot" They send the template at the projects chat while the group was creating at 1428,999.

Then they were suggesting locations, As they were suggesting, Ezoiar finally got attention with the Green Lattice team, however this was a slow process as many also attempted to get approved. The group decided to take a little break and decided to redesign the tiny tree design.

Green Lattice eventually approved the LBP tree few hours later, However the group was inactive and couldn't solidify their approved spot, As another group took it later on. This made Ezoiar request again but has to wait because during that time, Green Lattice was facing problems. The group decided to find other locations meanwhile waiting for Green Lattice's response, however did not fully agreed. Green Lattice approved the art again and this time the group was active and slowly drew the art at their spot, It was a very slow process as the drawing the border and then the art had so little people working on it, but they eventually finished it and cleared out their borders. They then maintained until Asmongold attacked a large piece of r/place and unfortunately the tree was inside their zone.

The Third Day, Post-invasion and the Union Task Force's reactivation

m88youngling, The owner of the LBP Union, was made aware after Ezoiar pinged him and said to m88youngling "a disaster has happened", m88youngling then responded "Okay, new plan" and "I'm reactivating the Union Task Force". m88youngling promoted Ezoiar to a UTF Lead commander and created a role for the UTF for those who wants to participate, At the same time, m88youngling announced the server about the invasion and an invitation to help out, This greatly enlarged the group to 75 members total.

As people came together, They suggested multiple locations but the majority decided to do it at the north of Asmongold's zone, This also had disputed area with the Meloetta group but because of the UTF's size, This was easily occupied by the UTF, and the UTF successfully recreated the tree.

However because of it's now enlarged group, Ezoiar suggested that the UTF should expand southwards and the majority agreed. They started expanding south and created a text at the same time, however there was a group of people, most likely bots (Arvis Z) blocking the way and was forced to attack each other, This was difficult but the battle favored to the UTF, thus the logo and the tree was fully finished. Because the battle was long, some redesigned the template if the battle failed which did not include the full text, and some created memes out of it.

After the battle, The UTF started to defend, and while they do that, they were discussing about improving, There was many improvement designs, and held polls on which design should be used.

The Fourth Day

As they were defending and improving, A person from the Poundtown community reached out to one of the UTF members and requested alliance, The person forwarded it to the UTF chat and they accepted the alliance. The Poundtown community then assisted UTF by creating Sackboy's eyes at the east of the tree, thus greatly improving the relations.

However the group of Arvis Z came back and attacked the logo, This was very effective as most commanders including the lead commander weren't active, therefore it was a difficult battle. but some Green Lattice users helped the UTF on defending therefore it became much easier and won again. Then they finally started on redesigning by shading the tree first, and added a drip.

While they were doing their first redesign, Another alliance was being made, which is the white blob.

They then redesigned the logo to have shadings, and redesigned the tree by reducing the shading.

They eventually got invaded by an unknown group of bots, however they seemed small so the intensity wasn't much compared to the two other battles.

They eventually redesigned the tree for the last time before the end of r/place 2022, merging the idea of shading and dithering together. After they finished redesigning, They went back to defending.

As they were taking a break while defending, They found something concerning, Their neighbor which is the emoji turned purple and became an imp. And Ezoiar considered them a potential enemy, and some time later they got invaded by the imp emoji. This was difficult as they didn't give up and eventually adjusted the border to attempt for peace.

As they adjusted border, The Great Whiteout started, thus ending r/place.

Proposed artworks


A user proposed to create a popit, This was rejected by the majority for multiple reasons.

Second Sackboy

Sackboy's Head

One user designed a tiny version of Sackboy's head, right next the tree. This probably had most positive opinion but no polls were held and was ignored.

Entire Sackboy

This was suggested by a user, However this was rejected due to the size, not enough colors and already has an existing Sackboy.

Expanded Sackboy

Some user suggested expanding Sackboy's face to the entire head of Sackboy, This was rejected because this collides with two existing allies.

LBP-Green Lattice Heart

Ezoiar suggested making a heart because without them, It would be much more difficult and likely to fail. This was not rejected however the design was too large and unfinished, and they would need to invade another artwork which would likely bring disadvantages. However this was later made at a Turkish copy of r/place.

Expanded overall LBP artwork

One ambitious user suggested on expanding the entirety of the artwork, from the LBP tree to Master Chief area, This was heavily rejected because of UTF's size was too low, Green Lattice and it's allies would not be happy, and would be more vulnerable to invaders.


r/place 2023

A day before r/place started, LBP Union announced their abstention from participating on r/place. Ezoiar again, decided to run under his LittleBigPlanet clan Republic of Taiyang. and has managed to get up to 38 participants.

As the first few days of r/place was happening, Taiyang was looking for a spot until the idea has popped up that it may be a worth a shot to make an alliance request to r/UKOnPlace (then r/UKPlace).

The staff was convinced so they held a vote and the votes were strongly approved. Within seconds Sackboy appeared on the canvas and the participants from Taiyang celebrated along with r/UKOnPlace LBP players.

They survived for pretty long time with shading improvements and also unapproved changes such as the tounge or blushes, but they eventually got eradicated by the Letter U for "FUCK SPEZ".

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