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Description Community of fans dedicated to the popular japanese kawaii metal band BABYMETAL
Artwork BABYMETAL trio artwork 2022

r/BABYMETAL is a subreddit dedicated to the popular japanese kawaii metal band BABYMETAL. During the event, the community organized their actions from their Discord server. At 2023 r/place the community managed to secure one artwork on the canvas, in a spot provided on the german flag from r/placeDE. At 2022 r/place the community managed to secure two artworks on the canvas, and lost a third artwork on the last day. At 2017 r/place the community managed to secure one artwork on the canvas.


Babymetal (Japanese: ベビーメタル) (stylized in all caps) is a Japanese kawaii metal band. The band consists of Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-metal", Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal" and Momoko Okazaki as "Momometal". The band is produced by Kobametal from the Amuse talent agency. Their vocals are backed by heavy metal instrumentation, performed by a group of session musicians known as the "Kami Band" at performances.

The band was formed in 2010, with the original lineup of Su-metal (vocal and dance), Moametal (scream and dance), and Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal" (scream and dance), with the concept of creating a fusion of the heavy metal and Japanese idol genres. Originally a sub-unit of the Japanese idol group Sakura Gakuin, Babymetal became an independent act in 2013[1]

r/place 2022

1st Artwork

1st Artwork before completion

Drawing started on the first day next to the Foxhole community to the right, with a lithuanian flag comming fast from the left to close the gap with Foxhole artwork.

The first objetive for the community was to get a tight rectangle to write "BABYMETAL". To do this they had to push Lithuania out of the zone. At the same time the Wall Street Bets subreddit community was building from below, and according to their design they would intercept part of Lithuania, Foxhole and vanish BABYMETAL.

Later, Lithuania agreed to concede part of its territory and BABYMETAL community completed the rectangle with text.

Alliance vs r/wallstreetbets & Osu

1st Artwork completed after WSB battle

Wall Street Bets (a.k.a WSB) community was trying to push from below and soon after received help from its ally, the Osu community. The result left the BABYMETAL rectangle in shreds, but the attack also hit on the Foxhole community and triggered a three-way alliance with Lithuania to drive WSB out of the area. This would ultimately be achieved after the efforts of the Osu alliance were exhausted. Senko community (r/SewayakiKitsune) also helped from the south to push WSB out. Upon defeating WSB, the BABYMETAL community expands downward to make the canvas for their artwork. The artwork was completed on the early hours of day 2.

Attempted change of location

2nd Artwork attempt

While the WSB battle was taking place, part of the community tried to draw second logo a few pixels away and below, near the Osu logo. Second logo was almost finished, but then an attack directed towards Osu by a streamer wiped out the zone. Efforts were redirected to the 1st Artwork.

2nd Artwork & BAND-MAID

2nd Artwork cluster

The community joined with r/BandMaid to build the cover artwork of BAND-MAID album World Domination. When completed, r/BABYMETAL built its own logo above this artwork. Soon after, contacts were established with the local neighbors, first with Twitch streamer Jhay (Luigi artwork) and later with r/Astroneer (blue triangle logo). Both agreed to an alliance. The upper border was held by Green Lattice which was a partial ally, but mostly neutral. After completion there was an attack of the void that was steadly repealed by the alliance.

This entire region was wiped out by streamer xQc during a void raid on the canvas. However, the reconstruction was swiftly completed without issues.

On day 4, the only menace was a forthcoming expansion of r/MKD flag, which was stopped by diplomatic agreements.

3rd Artwork Attempt

BABYMETAL duo (3rd artwork)

Uppon the second expansion of the canvas r/BABYMETAL decided to build under the second artwork of its ally Foxhole. Below the space intended was an expanding Lithuanian flag that started take over the build zone. Contacts were made with r/lithuania, which was ally since day 1, but the flag was ultimately being build by twitch streamer Lturepublic.

Diplomatic contacts were made with the streamer, but he responded with a lack of interest in cooperating despite the alliance with r/lithuania and instead chose to trash the artwork persistently. Nevertheless, the area would eventually be taken over by r/BABYMETAL.

On day 4, Lturepublic started pinching around the 3rd Artwork as he was doing since the design was completed, but this time his audience has been instructed to create reddit accounts and they rapidly outnumbered the defense.

At the same time part of the r/BABYMETAL was defending r/BandMaid from a persistent invasion from r/MKD, so ultimatly was decided to abandon the 3rd position.

Discord server raid (alleged)

During the assault on the 3rd Artwork, Lturepublic decided to log into the r/BABYMETAL discord server while doing his livestream to brag about. His moderator also posted the public invite link in the livestream many times. This ultimately prompted some of his audience to do the same. In a very brief period of time, new users began to send offensive messages, or against the rules of etiquette of the server. This action was considered a raid by r/BABYMETAL, and some users went to report it on twitch.

Operation Thunderclap

Four hours later after the server raid, Foxhole community announced an operation to retaliate against the streamer by taking the spot were he was drawing his logo. The attack known as "Operation Thunderclap" was set to start at 01:00 UTC, with the objetive of build a Sabaton (swedish metal band) artwork. r/foxholegame, r/BABYMETAL, r/Sabaton and others were part of the operation, but also Osu community was ready to defend the artworks they have commited.

Sabaton Artwork

Lturepublic knew about the attack and decided to move first launching an attack on the 1st r/BABYMETAL artwork, but was quickly repelled with the help of Osu. As this move left their defenses empty temporarily, Foxhole decided to counterattack immediately. This decision ultimately was the right one as the operation was prompted 30 minutes early, and since it was not known at what time the event would end, it gave the possibility of reaching the goal.

An hour and a half later, the Sabaton logo was finished, just about 30 minutes before the end of the event.

r/place 2023


First Attempt

Babymetal artwork 2023 proposal

Drawing started late on the final moments day 1 below the artwork from the Foxhole allied community, after waiting and debating where to build and helping Foxhole with their first build once the site was decided. After the completion of Foxhole's artwork, Babymetal's artwork finally starts to be built under Foxhole, but soon after Twitch streamer ohnePixel begins to draw again in the zone (he did it before, indirectly helping Foxhole to gain territory over the US flag) and prevents Babymetal from making progress. A few moments after, Portugal's flag expanded and erases Foxhole leaving the zone empty. Babymetal stops working on the zone as their ally was expeled.

Second Attempt

Art placed. Modified to fit the space

After Foxhole tried in vain to recover its place where Portugal expanded, they secured a deal to use some space from Black Company to relocate. Babymetal again waited and helped Foxhole until their Artwork was done, and then its own artwork was placed below as the first time, thanks to a deal with Costa Rica for the space that they had left over. Artwork is completed late on day 2 with some help this time from OSU's main streamer, BTMC.

First Twitch streamer invasion (ElZeein)

ElZeein cat art invasion

After the second attempt was successful, a few hours later on the beginning of day 3 Babymetal and Foxhole would again be hit by an attack that would completely erase them, this time coming from a Peruvian Twitch streamer, ElZeein. But only a few hours later, when the streamer finally closes his stream, the retake operation of both Foxhole and Babymetal begins in parallel. A few hours later, both designs would be fully restored.

Second Twitch streamer invasion (Lturepublic)

Since day 3 skirmishes began to emerge in the Babymetal art, which were soon identified from Lithuanian accounts. On day 4 these incursions intensified and soon a message was discovered on Lturepublic (former enemy from r/place 2022) social networks that he had prepared an attack that day from his stream in the afternoon. Lturepublic has a patent resentment over its last-minute defeat last year and was seeking revenge. As soon as the stream starts, he launch the attack and soon vanishes the art, and in place he makes a Lithuanian flag to try to bring in external supporters. Babymetal starts fighting together with their Foxhole allies, and later they receive help from other communities, mainly from OSU's main streamer, BTMC. No progress was possible and soon after half of Foxhole art is also invaded. The situation would stagnate while Lturepublic stream was live, but at the beginning of day 5 his stream ends and the operation to retake the art is quickly completed.

Third Twitch streamer invasion (Lturepublic and Elosanta)

Second invasion in action

Lturepublic have a personal vendetta and instead of doing what ElZeein did, try another location, he decides to return as early as possible to re-invade the same place, and this time teams up with another lithuanian streamer, Elosanta. Together with almost 3k active viewers take over Babymetal and Foxhole art to replace it with a lithuanian flag. Soon after Lturepublic begins to draw an image of lithuanian King Vytautas. During the drawing of the king, many users witnessed the use of automated bot accounts placing pixels in a sequential orderly fashion. The evidence was recorded, but the streamer Lturepublic denied having used them. The situation stalls with foxhole preventing completion of the design while Babymetal attempts to remake Su-metal within the king's design.

Backup Art on Germany

Babymetal diplomats contacted r/placeDE to host the artwork and get a vote of approval. The strategy would be to keep the art out of the streamer's reach and under the protection of the Germans, so that the community can focus on skirmishes over the streamer's art. The plan goes ahead and ultimately this art would be the only one to survive on the final canvas.

Operation Clown Car

Operation Clown Car in action

Although the streamer Lturepublic finally seemed to complete the king's design, the Foxhole and Babymetal communities were determined to make a clown nose on the king to prevent the design from being completed. The so-called Clown Car operation was a last resort to maintain pressure on Lturepublic and to show courage in the face of the impossibility of recovering the territory while his audience remained online.

Recovery and Final Twitch streamer invasion (Lturepublic and others)

Rumors suggested that the event would end on the fifth day. Lturepublic keeps his stream open as much as possible until the early morning to cross the finish line, but the moment does not come. While Babymetal and Foxhole held up Operation Clown Car, it was surprisingly decided to go for a final push as r/place would supposedly end and this was the final chance to get the Foxhole on the canvas. It is at this moment that Foxhole and Babymetal regain their territories for the last time, while Lturepublic followed the action with his stream. But just hours later, the streamer would come back online, again with the same goal in mind, to wipe both arts. The situation is identical to the previous day, with operation clown car in progress, and while invasions of neighboring Peru and Mexico by other Lithuanian streamers were taking place.

Botting invasion on Backup Art

Backup art moments before the bot invasion

Rajono Kunigas, was the other streamer using bots (seen by several witnesses) that previously attacked Peru and Mexico. As some Lturepublic followers begins to flood his chat with requests to attack Babymetal backup art, he decides to do it using his bots and replaces with a lithuanian flag. Luckily, the backup artwork was repaired shortly before the event ended, thanks to the people of r/placeDE. Although the capture shown by reddit as the last moment shows the area as a prominent lithuanian flag, the reality is that the capture does not correspond to the last moments of the event, namely the gray phase (only black, grey and white pixels).


Place 2023

Babymetal 2023 artwork


The artwork depicts the current lineup of BABYMETAL: Su-Metal, Moametal and Momometal. The costume is from the 2023 "The Other One" era. There is a Fox and a Heart that represents the Foxhole Alliance. There is also a white cross that represents a star, as a tribute to Mikio Fujioka✝, backing band guitarist for BABYMETAL, and a skull that represents former member Yuimetal.

Place 2022

BABYMETAL trio (1st Artwork)

1st Artwork: BABYMETAL trio artwork

This artwork is a recycled version of their place 2017 artwork. The artwork depicts the original lineup of BABYMETAL: Su-Metal, Yui Metal and Moa Metal. Compared to the 2017 version, the color scheme was changed to gray to represent the last costumes used by this lineup. The design was improvised on the fly, there was no prior agreement from the community.

Metal Resistance logo (2nd Artwork)

2nd Artwork: BABYMETAL Metal Resistance winged logo

The artwork depicts the logo of BABYMETAL with the color scheme of their album Metal Resistance. There is also a white cross that represents a star, as a tribute to Mikio Fujioka✝, backing band guitarist for BABYMETAL.

Sakura Gakuin logo

Additional Artwork: Sakura Gakuin Logo

The artwork depicts a mini version of the logo of Sakura Gakuin, positioned next to Band-Maid. The logo was made by r/BABYMETAL without the involvement of Sakura Gakuin subreddit.

Place 2017

BABYMETAL 2017 Artwork


The artwork depicts the original lineup of BABYMETAL: Su-Metal, Yui Metal and Moa Metal. The red&black costume is the their most iconic over the years.


Place 2022 Commemorative collage
  • Original 2023 art by @thefoxdrummer
  • Original 2017 art by TAKAPON.
  • Updated color scheme for 2017 art by AndreiSch.
  • BABYMETAL! banner by _MOAisMetaru.
  • Metal Resistance winged logo by u/Brainth
  • MetalGalaxy Su & Moa by u/lilmetaldeath
  • Sakura & Mount Fuji background by JekPorkins
  • Commemorative collage by u/Morbinion

Diplomacy 2022


  • r/foxholegame (Foxhole)
  • r/lithuania
  • r/SewayakiKitsune (Senko)
  • r/unturned
  • r/Astroneer
  • r/BandMaid
  • r/Sabaton
  • r/osuplace (Osu!)
  • Twitch streamer Jhay



  • r/wallstreetbets
  • Twitch streamer Lturepublic

Diplomacy 2023


  • r/foxholegame (Foxhole)
  • Twitch streamer BTMC and r/osuplace (Osu!)
  • r/placeDE
  • r/Peru
  • r/HurdyGurdy
  • r/SewayakiKitsune (Senko)
  • r/geometrydash
  • Black Company
  • Green Lattice
  • Italy
  • Isekai Coalition Alliance
  • Mass Effect Place Community
  • P3ACE Alliance


  • Costa Rica


  • Twitch streamer ElZeein
  • Twitch streamer Lturepublic
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