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Name Utophia
Description A French fantasy story
Subreddit Utophia
Twitter @UtophiaOfficiel
Artwork 4 main Utophia characters


Utophia is a French story shared on the Internet since 2018, told by a few novels and many drawings, which are freely available online. On r/place 2022, the community proudly made 4 of the main characters, who are Io, Mélissandre, Louwie and Wonn-Sha at location (1111,403) (id txp4h4 on the Atlas). The French, complete and detailed story is available on Utophia website.

r/place 2022 story

First attempt and ENAlliance

The first desgin of Io.

At the beginning of r/place, the community wanted to draw a little Io (main character of the first novel) somewhere on the canvas. But things weren't that easy and it seemed impossible for such a little group of people to archive that dream goal. The second day, first expansion, another Io was started on the far right of the canvas. Here they met the ENAlliance, who tried to build Ena. Utophia joined the alliance and the UFP (United Factions of r/Place) as well and was now strong enough to carve out a lasting place on the canvas.

Second attempt and the Green Lattice

The entire group and new design for Utophia.

But at the dawn on the third day, there was nothing left because of a streamer. And another streamer destroyed the whole alliance. There was a small moment of desperation but the ENAlliance joined the Green Lattice, which allows Utophia to make a new work of art on it. Thanks to them, the ENAlliance and the Utophia community, Utophia was able to be on the r/place canvas, complete and protected until the very end.

The End of R/Place

When everything became white.

When the white void made everything disappear, the drawing of Utophia remained by Ena side, along with the penguin and the duck, for a long time. Mélissandre vainshed at 1:19 a.m., French time.

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