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Name 2b2t
Description The oldest anarchy survival server in Minecraft.
Subreddit somecommunity
Website http://somecommunitysite.net
Twitter @somecommunity
Twitch somecommunity
Artwork 2b2t Server Logo

This is longer description of the community. This is why the community decided to make Some Art.

r/place 2023


See also: 2b2t Server Logo

Created also early on on r/place 2023 (Located in 444, 93) And It was Destroyed by Flag of Colombia, In Second explanation was Created(Located in -844, 376), Again it was Fully Destoryed by Paluten and Edgar.

r/place 2022


2b2t Server Logo

See also: 2b2t Server Logo

Created early on on r/place 2022, this is one of the longest lasting pieces of artwork. The lower part of the logo changed throughout the timeline of r/place 2022.


Green Lattice


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