Chibi Floch Forster

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Chibi Floch pixel.png
Chibi Floch Forster
Name Chibi Floch Forster
Description Small chibi-style artwork of Floch Forster from Attack on Titan
Location 1515,375
Atlas ID tyrn86
Creator Titanfolk

Chibi Floch Forster, or simply Chibi Floch, is a small chibi-style artwork of Floch Forster from the anime and manga series Attack on Titan. He wears ODM gear and a crown to signify his "king Floch" title given to him by fans of the character.


Chibi Floch was brought into existence as Titanfolk members were planning to pay tribute to the character somewhere on canvas. This design would not be the community's first choice, and instead was chosen after a failed attempt to build a larger mural of Floch.


Work began on chibi Floch at 40:50 on top of the Rainbow Road. Early attempts to build upwards met resistance, possibly due to Floch's mostly black outfit being mistaken for the void.

A small conflict of interest emerged with another art piece that had been planned for the same area, but was soon resolved with an agreement to move the other piece to the left of chibi Floch.

As Titanfolk focused it's efforts on Eren Yeager, the Rainbow Road began to slowly remove chibi Floch. Small scale communications were made with representatives of the Rainbow Road, but despite chibi Floch's supposed status as "recognized art", he was destroyed and did not return.

Final Result

Chibi Floch was not present on the final canvas as he had been destroyed by 51:34.

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