Central Alliance

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Central Alliance
Name Central Alliance
AKA South-Southeast Alliance (SXSE), South-Central Alliance (SXCA)
Description A defensive/coordinating alliance of over 50 smaller communities during r/place 2022.
Subcommunities Amphibia,The Owl House,Destiny 2,Anbennar,Critical Role,FC Barcelona,The Binding of Isaac,Avocado Army,Fish Cult,Rust,dbrand,Smiling Friends,Noita,Battle For Dream Island,Kick Open The Door are all the original founding members,Bangladesh,Croatia,Neco-Arc,S.T.A.L.K.E.R.,Rec Room,Green Bay Packers,Singapore,Femboy,Sailor Moon,Star Sector,Warframe,Re-Zero,Stargate,and others
Subreddit r /place_CentralAlliance
Discord https://discord.gg/6Vqn8KZ7KK
Artwork The final logo for the Central Alliance

The Central Alliance, formerly the South-Southeast Alliance [SXSE] or the South-Central Alliance [SXCA] was one of the largest coalitions for several small communities near the center of the canvas. At its height, it spanned roughly 81,221px2 across the entire canvas. It was one of the few organizations to have actually held against a raid by the infamous Twitch streamer xQcOW There were several smaller alliances that were a part of the Central Alliance at large, however, most of the support came from the overall coalition. It started within the opening hours of r/Place as a union between the alliance between the Destiny 2, Barca, Rust, and Critical Role communities and the Animation Alliance, but due to its defensive success, popularity, and eventual infamy from holding back xQc, it rapidly expanded to become one of the largest coalitions on r/Place.


Day 1: 01 April 2022

New Beginnings

In the first few hours of r/place 2022, the Destiny 2 community (r/destinythegame, r/destiny2) secures a spot and creates a "Ghost" near the south-by-southeastern corner of the canvas. Soon after the FC Barcelona (r/Barca) community creates their logo directly above the Destiny 2's Ghost. A truce is formed between the two and both communities decide to use a colored lattice background to represent their alliance. Shortly after, Avocado Army appears within Barça's designated square and establishes peaceful relations with them and Destiny 2.

The Hooty Hivemind Arc

As the three communities solidify their designs concerns rise about the "Hooty" (an owl with a long snaking body) being formed by The Owl House (r/theowlhouse, also parterned with Amphibia) community above Barça. The Hooty, being formed by what was later called the "Hooty Hivemind" (a section of The Owl House dedicated to expanding Hooty, trudging along blindly but diligently due to being disconnected from main TOH communications), was taking over the surround area and started infiltrating into Barça's and Avo Army's space. Panic stirred as the Hooty Hivemind had quite a bit of momentum and the alliance went into full defense mode, as well as trying to contact TOH. After defending against the Hooty Hivemind for a short time, communications were established between The Owl House and the alliance, and a truce was formed.

Side note: In its conquest, the Hooty Hivemind took over: a small Pepe, PewDiePie's original claim (which was also taken over with the help of the alliance), and both attempts at a Swedish flag, before finally ending in a small bird house within Smiling Friends' (r/smilingfriends) territory.

Rust Arc [Part 1]

Around the same time the Hooty Hivemind was being dealt with, Destiny 2 decided to expand out directly to its right and form the logo for the "Witch Queen" expansion, the newest expansion for the game (released 02/22/2022). At the same time Destiny 2 expanded downwards to the bottom edge of the canvas with yellow lattice, taking over the small StarKids logo and adding the names of the two main Destiny 2 subreddits: r/destinythegame (abbreviated as r/DTG) and r/destiny2.

Early on during the downwards expansion, Rust (r/playrust) snuck in and placed their name under the Witch Queen logo. Destiny was slightly divided about what to do about this, as people did not want to interfere with Rust and wished to let them be. However, others continued to expand the yellow lattice, and after a short skirmish Rust was taken over.

Collaboration with Critical Role & Raidsecrets

Plans were In the works to expand once more to the right and plant the main Destiny logo (referred to as the "Tricorn"). However, the Critical Role (r/criticalrole) community managed to claim that space first. The two formed a truce, and the alliance had yet another powerful member added to its roster.

As an act of friendship, Destiny 2 and Critical Role decided to collaborate on a dodecahedron above the Critical Role logo. In Destiny, rewards are collected from glowing dodecahedrons called "Engrams", and in Critical Role a dodecahedron is the shape of a type of twelve-sided die, also known as a D12. The space for the collaboration was at the time occupied by PewDiePie, however with the TOH community (the Hooty Hivemind specifically) the space was taken over easily.

On the left, next to the D12, a broom was created as a reference to Destiny 2's side community of OOB exploration, datamining, secrets, and the like, known collectively as RaidSecrets (r/raidsecrets). The broom is in reference to a NPC in Destiny and Destiny 2, known as Sweeper Bot. RaidSecrets has an affinity for this character, and thus requested Sweeper Bot's broom to be added next to the dodecahedron.

Day 2: 02 April 2022

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Day 3: 03 April 2022


The End: 04 April 2022

The last day of r/Place went with not much incident for the Central Alliance, as it finalized its claims and projects. It was one of the last communities to succumb to the anti-void at the end of the experiment. This is perhaps one of the least notable days for the Central Alliance, beyond its expansion approximately 9 hours before the end to finally encompass over four times its original size.

Full Subcommunities Alliance List

- As of the Finale of r/Place and The Great Whiteout these communities were all members of varying Degrees to the Central Alliance, despite their original location of Western, Eastern, or External Territory in the Central Alliance Block. With the Western being part of prior alliances of the Mid Southwest Alliance and the Chang Gang. Or the Eastern Block With the SXSE and the later Central Alliances direct Homeland.

A map of the end of the Central Alliance at a slightly indeterminate time before the Great Whiteout. This map includes the various communities of the Central Alliance, as well as the colonial territories of some of the members. Image created by Discord User and member of the Central Alliance M. Friendly Neighborh-------- [Name cut off for Privacy Rights and Concerns]
  • 1HP Club
  • [ATE] After The End Fan Fork
  • Amphibia
  • Anbennar
  • Avocado Army
  • Baba is you
  • Bangladesh
  • Barca (FC)
  • [BFDI] Battle for Dream Island
  • Birds Aren't Real
  • Binding of Issac
  • Cave Story
  • Chang Gang
  • CoolS
  • Critical Role
  • Croatia
  • Daft Punk
  • dbrand
  • [DTG] Destiny The Game
  • Destiny 2
  • DnD
  • DoodleJump
  • Duck Place
  • Femboy
  • Figure Skating
  • [FSSH] (Fish Cult)
  • Ghost and Molly McGee
  • Girls Last Tour
  • GPTC
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Infinity Train
  • Kick Open the Door
  • Malaysia
  • MCDM
  • Nataliers
  • Necoarc
  • Noita
  • No Pixel GTA RP
  • Outer Wilds
  • Physics
  • Place Fish Cult
  • Princesses of Power
  • Raidsecrets
  • Rainworld
  • Rec Room
  • Re: Zero
  • Ripcity
  • Rust [Game]
  • Sailor Moon
  • Serbia
  • Singapore
  • Smiling Friends
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R
  • Star Gate
  • Star Sector
  • Star Trek
  • Steven Universe
  • Summit1G
  • Superautopets
  • The Owl House
  • Tria
  • UT Austin
  • Vukkit
  • Warframe

Known Truces as of the Finale

  • Nepal
    • (Former Enemy that developed into a diplomatic ally once an agreement was reached to help them claim and hold new territory)
  • Miskif
  • Okbuddyr*tardCroatia
    • Different Sub from Croatia, although the proper Croatia was key to smoothing out diplomatic relations.

Known Hostilities.

A good deal of these Hostilities never have official resolutions despite concluding in some fashion, and as such remained as hostilities until the end of the event and the writing of this article.

  • A Long List of Streamers who Attacked. See Section 4.
  • Aggressive r/RealMadrid Hivemind.
  • r/PewdiePieSubmissions (Potentially a false flag)

Other Alliance Relations

  • United Factions of Place
    • While the Central Alliance itself wasn't in direct or deliberate contact with the United Factions of Place a few of its subcommunities were, additionally due to the Central Alliance being primarily focused on being a defensive Alliance while the Alliance itself as a whole wasn't a part of the UFA the relations were at least positive to neutral.
      • Lots of things got lost in the sauce in terms of the CA being primarily focused on Streamer Defense of various community builds (This is one of the things that can be determined to be unsure)
  • Indie Alliance
    • A few members of the Central Alliance had diplomatic ties with the Indie Alliance, however similar to the relations with the United Factions of Place. These relations were primarily focused on these individuals groups being members of the Indie Alliance such as Cave Story, KOTD, and Notia instead of the Central Alliance and the Indie Alliance being directly aligned. Although relations were similar to that of the UFA ranging from a positive to neutral opinion.

Alliance Planning and Communication

While the Central Alliance was primarily a defensive alliance against streamers and other territorially hostile communities, it was also home to a degree of strategy and planning that was crucial to and remained important to the overall endurance and credibility of the alliance. That being said expansions were planned

Planned Expansions for the 2nd Expansion

After the 2nd Day Canvas Expansion, due to the Alliance (At the time the SXSE) having been poised in a strategically ideal position for the next expansion, underwent several planning programs as well as negotiations for the new space, as well as requests for the alliance to extend downward into the at the time "new space". While the nature of Place prevented everything in these plans from being followed through to absolute perfection the alliance did there best to use these plans to coordinate and adapt despite things not going to plan and some communities parting ways.

Planned Expansions Conceptual Images Various.
A Conceptual Plan for the Central Alliance's next move for the 2nd Canvas Expansion. (At the time the Alliance was still technically the SXSE Alliance due to the Canvas current status.

- The First Image contains a variety of plans and factions that did not end up in the final product due to the overall circumstances that r/place ended up creating. A few of these being listed with slight bit of Information. While looking at this image it is important to realize that while the alliance sought their best to reach this image, it was all individual subcommunities members duty to establish their communities as best as possible during the "land grab" or 2nd Canvas Expansion. Additionally not ever community in the alliance agreed harmoniously on such plans and many things were changed on the fly.

  • Barcelona Hand
  • Rip Smormu
  • Sea of Thieves Skull
    • (Community ended up going on a different journey due to circumstances in particular the aggressive expansion of the 2nd German Flag
  • After the End, Twin Headed Eagle
  • The "Ita" portion of the Noita logo.
    • "No Ita" meme go here plz
  • After the End Full Text name
  • Binding of Issac
    • Relocated Project
  • Hztn
  • Kick Open the Door relocation

Streamer Defense Log

Potentially can be known as the Streamer Kill Count.

  • A Successful Defense Against Streamer xQcOW
    • Big Monkey
  • Several, several proxy wars with the Streamer Nataliers which eventually due to circumstances of xQcOW began to lessen tensions.
  • Skirmishes and proxy wars with Teosgames before the First Canvas Expansion. Resulted in various Anbennar "The Bells toll for us" memes.
    • (Due to Expansion Moved on to make a nice new space on the canvas, overall one of the more nicer and not hostile streamers)
  • KC3 Cave Story Wars.
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