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Name Battle for Dream Island - Firey Plot
Description Firey and other characters from BFDI
Location 494, 1077
Atlas ID 000334
Creator r/BattleForDreamIsland

Battle For Dream Island (or BFDI for short) is an elimination-centric object show on Youtube. Created by brothers Michael and Cary Huang and hosted on their channel JacknJellify, BFDI has been running since January of 2010, and has 5 seasons in total. It follows the story of various common (and not-so common) objects battling it out to win prizes.

BFDI had two primary plots on r/Place 2022: one at the coordinates 494, 1077 depicting Firey and other characters, and one at 1575, 54 depicting Bubble and Leafy on Yoyleland.


Description of Artwork

The final image depicts Firey surrounded by various other characters. In clockwise order from the top:

  • Firey, an orange and yellow flame with brown outlining. He is smiling and has his arms curled up.
  • Cloudy, a floating cloud.
  • X and Four, the hosts of BFB. Originally appeared in "X Finds His Value", X is a yellow mathematical symbol X and Four is a blue four. In the artwork, X is raising his hand, and Four is raising his hand and smiling.
  • Five speaker boxes. They take the appearance of a rectangle with a square in the middle. In order from top-to-bottom, left-to-right:
    • Flower Speaker Box
    • Firey Speaker Box
    • The original speaker box, primary host of BFDI season 1. Also referred to as the Announcer.
    • Four Speaker Box [unconfirmed, but matches the color the best]
    • Puffball Speaker Box
  • Large text saying "BFDI!" with drop shadow.
  • Rocky, a rock.
  • Teardrop, a blue teardrop shape.
  • Donut, a circle with two eyes. The hole in the donut is actually his mouth.
  • Satomi's Symbol - this is the symbol of Satomi, one of the people that work on BFDI. Her symbol is drawn incorrectly in the final image.

The character all stand on a grassy floor with flowers, and in front of a clear light blue sky.


After the announcing of r/Place in 2022, members of the BFDI and object show community got together to plan out what they'd do for 2022's r/Place. They decided to draw Firey, one of the original characters of BFDI and winner of Season 1. The design was chosen by vote on the r/BattleForDreamIsland subreddit, and shortly after the official BFDI channel (JacknJellify) released a video titled What if BFDI was in r/Place? (Link), which spread the word about BFDI's intentions and also advertised the subreddit and Discord.

First Version

Generation 1

After r/Place began, Firey went into construction at coordinates (950,178). It was finished quickly, and soon users began building his friend, Leafy, adjacent to him. An hour in, it was made clear that a Ukraine flag would span across the canvas, and BFDI was in the way and was at risk of being covered.

Users decided to have Firey hold the flag of Ukraine on his left hand, and other users decided to construct a blue background behind the two with the end goal of having BFDI be over Ukraine. This was all in vain, however, and Ukraine completely covered up Firey and Leafy by 2 hours and 18 minutes in.

After the destruction of the original, attempts were made to construct Firey in the Green Lattice and slightly below the Ukraine flag. Both attempts were ditched after the Green Lattice and the Austrian flag overtook both attempts. It is to be noted that BFDI was allied with Green Lattice, but BFDI was taken over due to the hivemind, who were unaware of the alliance.

Second Version

Generation 2

Firey was moved to (622,871) about 4 and a half hours in and it was completed just after 6 hours. Afterward, green grass and a blue sky were added behind Firey, and text was added under Firey that read "BFDI" in blue and green text. 2nd Generation Firey was attacked by a white void at one point, and was eventually overtaken completely by streamer DeansoCool at 53 hours in.

Third Version

Between the fall of Second Version and the last expansion of the canvas, Firey was absent from the canvas. After the expansion, Firey was moved to (494, 1077), which is also its current position. The third version Firey was similar to the second version Firey in many ways, but key differences include:

Generation 3
  • The text changed to r/BFDI!!! (previously just BFDI!!, then r/BFDI!!)
  • An expanded canvas area
  • Addition of Four and X at c. 57:30
  • Addition of the Speaker Box at around c. 59:00
  • Flowers and more details in the grass
  • Satomi's Symbol added at c. 60:00.
    • Accidentally removed several times during constructions due to people mistaking it as vandalism.

At the end of Hour 62, streamer xQc attacked the Central Alliance area with black void. Firey was nearly completely destroyed, but the community persisted and helped to maintain his position. The attack did not last long, and soon afterwards Firey was being reconstructed.

Final Version

Generation 4

After xQc's attack, the void helped to provide a blank slate. Fourth generation Firey features a new design for Firey, more flowers and details in the grass (thanks to the expanded colour palette), and the introduction of Cloudy, more speaker boxes, Teardrop, Donut, and Rocky.

Firey was followed faithfully to the original design in the previous three versions. However, this time, Firey's design has been altered slightly, originally having three tufts before changing to the current zig-zag pattern of four.

This final version originally had the text BFDI in small blue text, before being expanded into large white text, then subsequently having a drop shadow applied. BFDI also successfully expanded slightly to the left, and Satomi's symbol was moved from right of the BFDI text to just above Donut. This version survived until the final bleaching.

Name Battle for Dream Island - Yoyleland Plot
Description Bubble and Leafy standing on Yoyleland.
Location 1575,74
Area 662 pixels
Atlas ID 000023
000023 redirect is missing (What does this mean?)
Creator r/BattleForDreamIsland

Bubble and Leafy

After the first canvas expansion, the Inanimate Insanity community (II) constructed Lightbulb at (1632,84). Subsequently, the BFDI community decided to build Bubble and Leafy standing together on Yoyleland, a location in the show.

Description of Artwork

The artwork depicts Bubble, a large blue bubble; and leafy, a green leaf. Both are smiling in front of a yellow and orange sky. Beneath them there is purple grass, and the text BFDI.TV!!! is written in bright red and orange.


Unlike Firey, Bubble and Leafy never needed to be moved from its initial position.

Initially, there was only going to be Leafy on Yoyleland, and the total amount of space occupied was slightly larger. However, soon members of the community began construction of Bubble to the left, and people debated about the size of Bubble and the placement of the text. The text was originally black in colour.

Bubble, Leafy, and Lightbulb at 34:54 on r/Place.

Over the next few hours, the work managed to survive without incident. At around 34:54, a heart was built between II and BFDI to signify friendship.

At 37:18, the text's colour was changed from solid black to that recognizable red and orange gradient. There was arguments over the exact state of the grass.

The next few hours were without incident, as the terrain behind the characters were changed a bit.

At around 43:30, xQc attacked the general region of Bubble and Leafy with purple pixels. Members of the r/place community advised that the BFDI community change the colour of the grass from purple to blue to avoid potential spreading of the void, and to avoid the eye of xQc. The community agreed and the grass was blue for a time, and the artwork survived the raid.

The attack of blue pixels.

The next several hours were without event, as the grass was cleaned up. Then, at 47:00, a group of blue pixels attacked Yoyleland, citing wanting to convert the plot into a TeamSeas logo. After about an hour of back and forth of people changing pixels. Members of the community entered the discord of the attacking group and attempted to launch a raid. Members of the attacking group allegedly sent death threats and other harmful messages to BFDI members.

In the end, it was agreed that Yoyleland would stay, but Lightbulb would be sacrificed. Lightbulb would later be reconstructed.

Lightbulb "shooting" Bubble aBubbleAndLeafyTeamSeas.pngnd Leafy.

The rest of r/Place was relatively uneventful, as BFDI members aided other parts of the canvas and helped with II's reconstruction. At one point, II's Lightbulb (who was reconstructed) was seen pointing a gun at Bubble and Leafy, who were raising their arms. It took about an hour for this hilarious stunt to be removed.

Other Surviving Artworks

Destroyed Artworks

Golfball, Paintbrush, and others

Teardrop's Corner


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