Destiny 2

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Destiny 2
Name Destiny 2
AKA Destiny community
Description The Destiny 2 and Destiny communities
Subreddit r /DestinyTheGame, r /Destiny2
Artwork Ghost, Witch Queen Logo, Exotic Engram D12, SweeperBot Broom, Telesto, Traveler and Pyramid Mural, Banner

Destiny is an online multiplayer first person shooter game developed by Bungie and released to the world on September 9th 2014. With its Sequel Destiny 2 released in 2017 and is now a free to play and self published game under Bungie. As such the Destiny community in tribute to having successfully created and defended a portion of space on the original r/place in 2017 sought to create and define a better more unique Space on the new canvas as the various communities of r/DestinyTheGame, r/Destiny2, r/raidsecrets and a variety of the Destiny Communities other subreddits combined forces for the event.

r/place 2022

Artwork Created by the Destiny 2 Community

The Ghost

- The First piece of artwork and the initial goal of the Destiny 2 community was to create the Ghost.


  • Founding Member of the, South X South East Alliance, which would grow and develop into the Central Alliance.

r/place 2023


The Destiny community came together in a truly remarkable way during the recent r/place event. In the face of many obstacles, including trolls, griefers, and other communities vying for space, the Destiny community managed to create and defend two beautiful panels on the r/place canvas.

Ghost - Eyes Up Guardian

One of Ghost's (main character and assistant to the player/Guardian in Destiny) catchphrases in Destiny is "Eyes Up Guardian!", as such a small recreation of the Ghost with a speech bubble saying the aforementioned phrase was part of the original design for Destiny's territory. However this plan was short lived as interest and momentum was low during the first day of r/Place 2023, and as such no ground could be held long enough to create the piece.

Mural (1/2) - Lance Reddick Memorial

One panel was a memorial mural to Lance Reddick, who voiced the character Commander Zavala in the Destiny franchise. Reddick passed away in February of 2023, and the Destiny community wanted to create a lasting tribute to him. The mural features a Latin phrase used in the Destiny community: "Per Audacia Ad Astra", which translates to "To the stars through boldness". Originally the mural also included Zavala's iconic Double Eagle iconography featured on his armor, however it was taken over by the Albanians shortly after construction and defense against the Germans. Despite this, the Albanians failed to hold the territory and it was eventually taken over by Red Rising, a sci-fi novel, which presented themselves as much better and friendlier neighbors to the r/DestinyTheGame community.

Mural (2/2) - Traveler Above Earth

The second panel was a depiction of the Traveler (A god-like entity of creation and light in Destiny) leaving Earth, as depicted at the end of Season of the Seraph (a pivotal moment in the Destiny timeline). This panel is an iconic image in the game as it recreated the original poster art for Destiny back in 2013. Because of this it was fitting that the community chose to recreate it on r/place.

Saint XIV Helm - Sylvain Lemarié Memorial

The third piece of art was created as a collaboration between the Destiny community and the French community. Special thanks to the French for assisting with the construction of a memorial for Sylvain Lemarié, the late French voice actor who voiced the character Saint-14 in the Destiny franchise.

Easter Egg - Gorgon

While watching the Timelapse of r/place 2023 you may spot a small Gorgon (a modified version of a Harpy, a robotic enemy type in Destiny) appearing to the left of the main murals. It was created by a small but mighty crew in the Destiny community, but unfortunately had to be taken down due to the neighboring Zelda expanding their territory.

2023 Summary & Alliances

In addition to creating these pieces, the community also spent countless hours coordinating and defending them from trolls and griefers. This was no easy task, as r/place is a constantly changing and evolving canvas. However, the community was determined to see their panels through to the end, and they eventually succeeded.

The community would like to thank all of the allies who helped to defend our panels during r/place. Notable allies include Central Alliance, Gregg, Omori, Rival Regions, Red Rising, Marathon, and Vector (WE LOVE YOU VECTOR <3).

The community is incredibly proud of what we accomplished during r/place. We showed the world that we are a strong and united community, and we were able to create something truly special that will be remembered for years to come. The multiple art pieces created are a testament to the strength and unity of the community in r/DestinyTheGame.

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