Flag of Malaysia

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MY Flag.png
Flag of Malaysia
Name Flag of Malaysia (Jalur Gemilang)
Description The national flag of Malaysia, with Petronas Twin Towers, Mount Kinabalu, a Rhinoceros Hornbil, Sailor Moon, and tri-nation border heart
Location (358,977)
Atlas ID 000135
Creator Malaysia

The Malaysian flag, named as "Jalur Gemilang" (lit. translates as Stripes of Glory), has been known for being part of r/place since the first edition back in 2017. It features 14 red and white stripes, a dark blue canton with a yellow crescent and 14 pointed star on top of it.



1st iteration of Malaysian flag on r/place 2017, before expansion

It was first proposed by several members of r/malaysia[1] as to exhibit Malaysia in r/place. Various coordinates were proposed, but later, it was decided to build at 920,704.

It then expanded eastward until the end of r/place 2017.


During the eastward expansion, it was conflicted with the Danganronpa characters and r/anime+hentai logo. However, it is agreed to not overlay the flag onto their artwork.

Nearing the end of r/place 2017, r/Singapore decided to place the Singaporean flag below Malaysian flag, as a gesture of north-south border of respective countries. Folks over r/malaysia lend their hands for completing their flag, and place the border heart on each other.[2] r/Romania also allowed Malaysian flag placed onto one of their heart on r/placeheart section.[3]

Final Result

1st Malaysian flag in r/place

The Malaysian flag made it to the final image of r/place 2017,



There were two attempts at constructing the flag, the first attempt was at (945, 666), and the second successful attempt was at (358,977).[4] The current Jalur Gemilang location on r/place, is originally a Finland flag. Prior to the flag construction, 3 options were proposed:

1st iteration of Malaysian flag, alongside with Singaporean and Bangladeshi flag next to it

It is then agreed that Option 2 is chosen and construction began 14 hours after r/place 2022 is opened to the public, simultaneously with Sailor Moon on it. However, the creation of the 14-pointed star wasn't finalized until 2 hours later.

The creation for the details began after neighboring Singaporean flag added their landmarks of Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and Changi ATC tower, as well as Bangladeshi flag with their Shaheed Minar and earlier version of Bengal Tiger. The original details (being grayscaled Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, 1st Penang Bridge, New Sarawak State Assembly Complex and Mount Kinabalu) were shelved, and replaced with much vibrant version of the Twin Towers and Mount Kinabalu, with addition of Rhinoceros Hornbill which is the state official animal of Sarawak, along with Malaysian Seas (national alternate name for portion of South China Sea) replacing the extra red stripe remained earlier. The heart between the Twin-Towers is added later on as a favour to a LDR reddit couple for taking over their original heart.[5]


The first conflict were encountered with r/sailormoon with their character of the same name as the show. In a short notice, both quickly became allies plus the fact that Sailor Moon also one of the big anime titles known in Malaysia circa late 1990's-early 2000's. Soon after, Bangladesh appeared on bottom left corner of the flag and made a border heart between the two, followed by Singapore, replacing "birds aren't real" and a short lived Nike logo on top left. With the establishment of two neighboring nation flags, it is decided to place a tri-nation border heart exactly on a border that touches the 3 flags. A larger alliance were later formed, named Central Alliance, with assurance of security from streamer raids like xQcOW and several others.

The flag remained majorly unchanged from external forces till the end of r/place 2022.

Final Result

Jalur Gemilang was able to survive once again in r/place and is available on final image of r/place 2022.


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