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Dbrand logo.svg
Name dbrand
Description A community based around the company dbrand
Subreddit dbrand
Discord Discord Invite
Website https://dbrand.com
Twitter @dbrand

dbrand is a Toronto-based company producing vinyl wraps for phones and other electronics, in addition to cases. Their skin offerings include robot camo, carbon fiber, leather, and many others.

r/Place 2022

The dbrand r/Place 2022 team

The dbrand team mostly consisted of members from the Discord, and of those users, most were from a subgroup known as “dipshits”. While the exact size of the userbase that contributed to r/Place 2022, almost all of the dipshits contributed in one way or another.


There were a few different artworks by the dbrand community made throughout r/Place 2022.

Art 1

dbrand logo
A clean version of the dbrand logo, the original goal of r/Place 2022

Art 1 is the dbrand logo. After securing a spot under r/Nepal in what would become the Central Alliance area, the dbrand team set a goal of creating and maintaining the dbrand logo.

Art 2

dbrand with dorito
dbrand logo with the dorito symbol above it

Art 2 is the dbrand logo with what is known as "dorito" above it. Dorito is a dbrand employee in the Discord, whose username is simply "◬". Due to the reverence surrounding them, the dbrand team created an area for a dorito symbol above the dbrand logo.

Art 3

dbrand with dorito and slanted top corners
dbrand with dorito and slanted top corners

Art 3 is a slight redesign of Art 2, featuring slanted corners in cooperation with Noita and other alliance members. This design was not completed due to a fourth and final design created in cooperation with Noita.

Art 4

dbrand noita collab
dbrand logo with Noita characters on the top right corner, making a heart next to the dorito

Art 4 is the final iteration of the dbrand logo, featuring Noita characters on the top right corner. The purple Noita character forms a heart out of yellow, signifying a cooperation between the two communities.

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