Kyoto Animation Alliance

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Kyoto Animation Alliance
Name Kyoto Animation Alliance
AKA KyoAni Alliance, KyoAni
Description A group of people from different KyoAni communities united as one to create and protect murals of different animes.
Subcommunities Hyouka,Nichijou,Clannad,K-On!,Hibike Euphonium,Violet Evergarden
Subreddit r /kyoani

Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社京都アニメーション, Hepburn: Kabushiki-gaisha Kyōto Animēshon), often abbreviated KyoAni (京アニ, Kyōani), is a Japanese animation studio and light novel publisher located in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture. Founded in 1981 by Yoko and Hideaki Hatta, it has produced anime works including The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006), Clannad (2007), K-On! (2009), Free! (2013), Sound! Euphonium (2015), A Silent Voice (2016), and Violet Evergarden (2018).

The Kyoto Animation Alliance is a collaborative group of different KyoAni communities united as one to pay tribute to the animation studio that made the best slice of life animes. Started from a Hyouka group, it expanded to an alliance of other communities to help each other create memorials for their respective animes; not just Hyouka, but also Nichijou, Clannad, Violtet Evergarden, K-On, and more.

r/place 2022

The time mentioned is in hr:min format.

Pre-Alliance Period

Clannad Mural


Fallen Hyouka Banners

The Hyouka group made 3 banners before forming the KyoAni Alliance. Each location sadly didn't made it into the final canvas.

Location 1

First Hyouka Banner

On 13:23, the first reddit post on the Hyouka subreddit relating to /r/place was made by the soon-to be leader, Mel0-fy. The post sparked interest in participating as a community in this event. The idea was simplified to a smaller but manageable version, and so they began construction on the area where the Ukraine flag once was and below the Romanian flag (741, 175).

Timelapse of the first Hyouka Mural

By 18:11, the first banner was complete. The community was hoping on defending their banner and maintaining it's presence on the canvas until the event ends.

However, by 23:24, the Romanians had expanded their flag and invaded from above, and exactly 30 minutes later, the banner was completely gone. They knew they couldn’t stand a chance against a nation, and so they decided to seek for a new location to call their own.

Location 1.5

Heart in the temporary location

A Discord server was created to discuss the next plan of action.

On 26:40, a user by the name of Akira秋ら suggested a spot right beside Jerma Sus surrounded by an Amogi infestation (134, 973). They got permission by the Jerma Sus members to build there. However, the location later got overrun by The Void.

On 28:00, a user named 2217 negotiated a small area below the Malaysian flag (363, 997) and was allowed to build there, but it only served as a temporary location until a new one was found. Only a heart was ever formed there before a Perry the Platypus artwork took over.

Location 2

Second Hyouka Banner

By 39:07, after a long time searching for a new spot, the group realised that the German flag in the eastern region was undefended and started to be overlaid by various artworks; the Germans went to sleep! The group quickly sprung into action and decided to claim land and build on top of r/dreamcatcher (1610, 867), using the same banner they used at the first location. At 41:51, the first iteration of the banner was completed, and five minutes later, the Hyouka group officially allied with the TF2/Titanfall group thanks to their group leader.

Timelapse of the second Hyouka Mural.

The banner gained a bit of extra space on its right side, so the group decided to shift the letters to the right and change the banner a bit. By 42:44, the second iteration was completed.

They were happy with what they had achieved—a second location successfully obtained. However, six minutes after the banner's completion, a bigger force has woken up from its European slumber: the Germans. They began demolishing each artwork from left to right, and by 43:24, they had reached the Hyouka banner.

On 43:43, the banner sadly perished in the hands of the German Empire, but the Hyouka group still had their hopes up, and went off searching for another location to call home.

Location 3

Supposed Third Hyouka Banner

The Hyouka group saw an opportunity just below the Minnesota Vikings in the midst of a Purple Void attack (1294, 668). The spot below the Vikings belonged to the Louisiana State University (LSU), but since it's in the middle of an attack, the Hyouka group could take the space for themselves, and so on 43:47 they began construction, using the banner design of the first location. The vikings were allies with LSU, but decided to stay neutral and not intervene. On 46:32, the third Hyouka location was complete.

Timelapse of the third Hyouka Mural.

At 47:04, a negotiation was made from the group right beside the banner, stating if they let them finish their artwork, they will relinquish their territory to the Hyouka group. Six minutes later, the artwork was declared complete, and now the Hyouka banner has more space to work with. Since then, there have been plans to build a second iteration of the banner. At 48:08, the group has begun to construct the second iteration, but halfway through construction, 42 minutes later, an old tenant wants their room back.

LSU wants to reclaim their territory, and so the Hyouka group held them off. At 49:42, the Violet Evergarden group was helping fend them off thanks to a user named Stheos, and then three minutes later, a user named MatchaCutie asked the Nichijou group for assistance as well. However, a new challenger has entered the arena.

At 50:13, a streamer named joeseppi_ joined in and struck a hard blow, using his thousands of fans to take over the banner's territory and make it his own. Alas, another fallen banner, defeated by a bigger force.

After three failures, the Hyouka group understood that they couldn’t do this alone, and so they decided to unite their fellow KyoAni comrades, and set off on their new journey, together as one.

Alliance Formation Period

The KyoAni Mural is the main headquarters of the KyoAni Alliance. The idea of collaborating with different KyoAni communities goes all the way back in 45:52, and eventually formed on 49:51.

KyoAni Mural History

When the imprisoned emoji work that a russian streamer placed was withering away, they took their chance and made their ground on top of The Great Wave off Kanagawa. We planned to put something extra on top of the banner, but they scrapped it because the area was beginnng to be inhabited by their neighbours. We they were happy with their first iteration of the banner, until another streamer by the name of Foolish_Gamer wiped the spot clean to put his shark right beside them where the banner is supposed to be. They were forced to downgrade and remove the chibi characters, now only showing the KyoAni logo. To make up for the loss of the loss of their chibi characters, they took the spot diagonal to them and made a four panel chibi thing with characters voted by the community (namely Haruhi Suzumiya, Eru Chitanda, Tohru Kobayashi, and Yui Hirasawa). A moment of peace was achieved. They made alliances with their neighbtheirs.

Soon though the russian streamer who made the imprisoned emoji earlier came back to terrorise them and build another work, this time being a picture of himself being a clown. He planned to completely bulldoze everyone including them, except for the chibi characters. The invasion started on the top right, where LapfoxTrax, Beastars/FMA, Steven Universe and the other factions were easily wiped out by the sudden attack. The russian streamer calls it, The CUM Void, but let's refrain from calling it that here. Kobo Kanaeru (the blue haired girl) and the shark held up and stood strong pretty well at first, but it wasn't enough and soon the shark was loosing ground, follotheyd by Kobo. As soon those two fell, Nijisanji East (with the pink bg and some of the square head character below them), Harry Styles (the thing looking like an arch), KyoAni and Ayaka Sunohara (beside KyoAni) are next. We quickly got overrun, but they have strategies and tactics prepared to combat the spread. Since maintaining the banner isn't working, they first tasked their soldiers to only hold up the borders. We can build the banner later as long as they have borders to mark their territory. But that wasn't enough. We then combined forces with Nijisanji East and their tactic now was to defend the top Nijisanji border. As long as there's a border, the streamer cannot start building his image. Since they have allies on all sides, they can entrust them not to take this opportunity to expand their territory. All of them need to endure and maintain the border as long as they can. His forces are soon weakened, and they can now begin to rebuild their respective borders and factions. Someone. He desperately tried to build an image of a girl, but their allies are already taking back their land and soon gave up. They won the battle against the russian streamer.

They ended up with a bit of extra space than before because they chipped away at their right neighbour, Ayaka Sunohara, to be square instead of rectangle. Since they had a bit more space, they decided to put something extra on the side. The first iteration was to put Konata Izumi peaking sideways, but they changed it to a globe. We added shading to the banner, and it was beautiful. For some reason, while their allies were rebuilding their compounds, there was a rogue Kumiko Oumae below the bottom right space of Nijisanji East. They kept her there for a bit, until a small streamer named Jelledot used the space instead after he tried to draw on the spot where Ayaka Sunohara is supposed to be unknowingly. They let him move north to replace Kumiko because they considered that space vacant instead one of their own. Their soldiers wanted to do a re-vote to either keep tohru or replace her with Konata in the chibi sector. Konata won and Tohru was forced to die. They also decided to change the background colour while they're at it, but the white background stayed. Peace was thriving.

The green line stumbled across the bottom of their banner. It first wanted to go up to the top border of the chibi girls, but they wanted to let it slither at the bottom instead. Eventually it changed its mind and now wanted to go down to the wave. The wave didn't really liked that though. Peace and prosperity was granted upon us until the final days of r/place. Suddenly, a small Kumiko appeared on the bottom left of a faction a different streamer made right above Kobo. We pitched in to help as well, adding Reina beside her and making Kumiko say "geh", though the project wasn't complete due an attack of the faction it resides in. Nijisanji also tried to take the spot in the middle of it, unknowing for both groups that one was trying to build on top of the other. Suddenly, all of the available colours turned into white. This was a signal for the end of r/place. The canvas has begun to degrade and fade away back to its original image. A path of white blasted right through the KyoAni Banner. The Chibi Girls and everything else withered away, pixel by pixel. All things must come to an end at some point.

Violet Evergarden Banner History

Nichijou Mural History

Hibike Euphonium Mural History

K-On! Mural History

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