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Thai flag.png
Name Thailand
Description A community of Reddit users from Thailand and people interested in the country.
Subreddit thaithai
Artwork Thai Flag, Second Thai Flag

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia spanning 513,120 square kilometres (198,120 sq mi), with a population of almost 70 million. It is known for its tropical beaches, Buddhist temples and royal palaces. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

The Thai Reddit community is relatively small as people use local alternatives like Pantip.

r/place 2022

Thailand formerly had flags next to the first Taiwanese flag and the Minecraft @ Home logo, but it was met with resistance from the Brazilian and the Republic Of China community (not to be mistaken by the Taiwan community, who supported the flag there)

The first expansion saw Thailand moving their flags next to Ireland, NASCAR, and Katawa Shoujo. And witnessed the war between the Vietnamese and fans of BigBossLayf Esports, but were unscathed until BigBossLayf decided to expand downward. However their alliance with New Zealand helped them negotiate with BigBossLayf to downsize their logo and give back Thailand its territory.

The second expansion has Thailand attempting to expand down below the German flag, but its area was quickly overtaken by Mexico. Thailand however found a new place next to the Seishun Buta Yarou alliance, and stayed there until the end of r/place.


The first Thai flag features the elephant, Thailand's national animal in collaboration with New Zealand and a sihlouette of the country. The number 112 on its saddle references Thailand's lèse-majesté law prohibiting defamation of the royal family.

The second artwork features the Thai tea and the Democracy Monument.

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