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This article is about the community. For the artwork, see Gacha Alliance app icons.

The United Gacha Alliance, commonly known as the Gacha Alliance, was an alliance of gacha game-related communities.

Gacha is a subgenre of free-to-play live service games (mostly on mobile but PC and even console versions exist as well, though these are very few and far between) whose common element is that specific in-game items are mainly obtained through an entirely randomized process that emulates Gachapon machines around which most of the game's monetization is built, which is why it's usually compared to gambling.

The games can encompass a variety of genres such as RPGs (of which turn-based ones are the most common), action, strategy, tower defense, rhythm, open-world and many more. Players can gravitate towards the genre for many reasons. Some find fun in managing wisely their limited resources, others want to collect characters, others find a particular gameplay interesting while others just want a game they can put a couple minutes of their commute into while still feeling that they are making progress. Others are just gambling addicts.

Contrary to popular belief, most gacha players are aware of the predatory practices surrounding this genre and are willing to aid people who are prone to develop a gambling addiction.

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For the icons, see Gacha Alliance App Icons.

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    • El Mariana
    • 5opka

Notable Incidents

Maryland Crab Incident

"Steam the Crab"

Streamer Attacks

5opka Attack
El Mariana Attack
xQc Void Close Call