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This article is about the artwork. For the alliance, see Gacha Alliance.

Gacha Alliance app icons
Name Gacha Alliance App Icons
Description Ten app icons of the games representing the communities that constitute the Gacha Alliance; plus additional art representing other communities.
Location (1658,1761)
Atlas ID txexbn
Creator Gacha Alliance

The Gacha Alliance app icons were a set of app icons and other artwork, laid out on a 5x2 grid, representing all of the member communities of the Gacha Alliance. In addition to these communities, Polandball is dressed up as Genshin Impact character Hu Tao due to an agreement made with r/polandball.

r/place 2022




The first iteration of the Arknights icon.

The Arknights app icon features the character Amiya, who is the main protagonist of the game. With the help of members from the alliance, a crudely made Arknights icon was rushed onto the canvas to secure the top left corner of the 3x3 grid of app icons in the original plan. Upon the completion of the icon, the Arknights community was sent to assist the other gacha communities complete their icons. This first iteration of the icon lacked a lot of details and did not incorporate the updated color palette but was still recognizable. At this point, some of our members attempted to turn the face beige while others were strictly following our overlay. All work was stopped though when xQc’s void closed in. Luckily, he was distracted by his Fortnite tournament just as the void reached the icon’s left border.[1]

The 2nd iteration of the icon.

Since xQc has moved away from the area and a majority of people wanted the face to be beige, the face was recolored beige by a portion of our community members while the rest continued to help build the other icons. While this was happening, the organizers drafted the 2nd iteration of the icon with more details being added to the icon overall using the updated color palette. When the plan was complete, the community was tasked with “making her cuter” without the use of the overlay due to it not being updated yet.

The final iteration of the Arknights icon.

Some time after this, Azur Lane was given a chunk out of the right side of the icon to build their icon between Arknights and Blue Archive. Touhou LostWord later took the bottom left portion of the icon without the Arknights community knowing but was allowed to keep it there after a poll was conducted. One last modification was made to simplify her eyes and enhance the hair. With the end of r/place nearing, the overlay was updated to the final image and the community was instructed to follow the overlay exactly and eradicate all the among us crewmates on the icon.

Apart from the “among us” griefs appearing on the icon through its existence, internal members fought over Amiya’s facial expression to the point that it actually showed up on the r/place 2022 heatmap.[2] Some members wanted her to have a smile, other members made her frown, while the majority wanted her to have a neutral expression. In the end, Amiya was smiling on the final canvas.

Genshin Impact

Fate/Grand Order

Blue Archive

Honkai Impact 3rd

Guardian Tales

Girls' Frontline

r/polandball Collaboration

Project SEKAI

Azur Lane

Uma Musume


Tears of Themis

Princess Connect!

Punishing Gray Raven

Fire Emblem Heroes

Disney Twisted-Wonderland

The Disney Twisted-Wonderland (Twisted Wonderland) icon, situated between Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, and seated directly above the Tears of Themis icon, is a depiction of a magical pen from the Twisted Wonderland game. The in-game students use the pen as a safety tool to prevent them from being overwhelmed by magic and as a practical tool for casting spells.

An older edition of the Disney Twisted-Wonderland pen that did not make it onto the final canvas.
The Disney Twisted-Wonderland magical pen on r/place 2022.

The Disney Twisted-Wonderland coalition formed on April 3rd, 2022. They initially had a spot in a different section of the r/place canvas but were quickly erased. Representatives of Disney Twisted-Wonderland reached out to the United Gacha Alliance on April 4th, 2022 with a proposal to build on the spot that was approved and now depicts the magical pen.


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