Blue Archive

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Blue Archive
Name Blue Archive
AKA ブルーアーカイブ, or simply ブルアカ
Description Blue Archive is a RPG mobile title developed by NAT GAMES, Published by Nexon KR (Global) and Yostar (Japan).
Subreddit BlueArchive
Twitter @EN_BlueArchive
Artwork Hifumi and Peroro, Arona and Shiroko, Gacha Alliance app icons, and Miyu Bin

Blue Archive (Korean: 블루 아카이브 /Japanese: ブルーアーカイブ) is a role-playing game developed by Nexon Games (formerly NAT Games), a subsidiary of South Korean game company Nexon. The game is free-to-play with gacha mechanics. It was first released for Android and iOS by Shanghai Yostar (CN/JP) in February 2021 and worldwide in November that year by Nexon. The combat system of Blue Archive features a 3D real-time environment with chibi characters.

Blue Archive takes place in the academy city of Kivotos. The player takes the role of a teacher, called Sensei, who is summoned by the president of the General Student Council, a committee managing the schools, before her disappearance. Criminal activity rises following her disappearance. Sensei has the task to resolve the issues around Kivotos and help find the missing president.

Blue Archive Community--a community run discord server--decided to immortalize Blue Archive in one of the largest online artwork collaboration making it's return, r/place.

r/place 2022


A photo of Hifumi and Peroro alongside Burgtown starB

Hifumi and Peroro

Main article: Hifumi and Peroro

Hifumi and Peroro, located at (188,964), is a piece of artwork that depicts the in-game character Ajitani Hifumi alongside the mascot Peroro. The artwork was originally Arona and Shiroko, before shortly being moved to (1649,442) due to a massive raid that wiped out the original artwork.

Definitive version of Arona and Shiroko

Arona and Shiroko

Main article: Arona and Shiroko

Arona and Shiroko, located at (1649,442), is a piece of artwork that depicts the in-game characters Arona and Sunaokami Shiroko. It was the first ever artwork on r/place created by the Blue Archive Community. Originally located at (188,964), the artwork was moved due to a massive raid that wiped it out. The artwork experienced 3 raids and 1 redesign during it's lifetime.

Blue Archive App Icon

See also: Gacha Alliance app icons

Blue Archive app icon, located at (1722,1713), is a piece of artwork that depicts the app icon for Blue Archive, sporting a zoomed in headshot of the in-game character Sunaokami Shiroko. This artwork is part of the Gacha Alliance app icons.


Main article: Miyu

Miyu, located at (60,945), is a piece of artwork that depicts the in-game character Kasumizawa Miyu in her signature trash bin. This artwork shares the same plot as Maimai and Last Podcast On The Left. On the final minutes of r/place, Miyu as well as its surroundings was raided by Zerkaa, one of the Sidemen. The survival of this artwork is debated, as the official r/place final canvas shows Miyu completely overlapped from the raid, but most community final canvas' that are widely agreed upon[1] have Miyu intact.


Major alliances Blue Archive is a part of:

Other allies of Blue Archive:



The timeline uses UTC+0 and began on 2nd April 2022 may not be 100% accurate

Day 1

The original design of Arona
Arona design v2 with r/BA underneath her
  • 00:59 – The first message was sent in Blue Archive discord server’s r/place channel.
  • 04:33 – The original design was proposed.
  • 05:34 – Changed Arona's outline color. Added r/BA under the design.
  • 06:03 – Started building r/BA first then Arona next (959,175).
  • 06:49 – Moved 5 pixels to the left (959,170).
  • 07:13 – r/BA was completed.
  • 08:02 – Arona was completed.
  • 08:13 – Began to expand towards the top and left.
  • 08:31 – Stopped expanding and started making the new left area cyan.
  • 08:47 – Began to expand towards the bottom.
  • 09:17 – Added ブルアカ to the left side of Arona.
  • 10:05 – Added Shiroko under r/BA text.
  • 10:27 – Added details to ブルアカ
  • 13:14 – Changed r/BA background color to blue. Changed r/BA text color to white. Added details to Arona.

Day 2

The original plan of base 2
The original artwork of Hifumi
  • 15:22 – Added Millennium School logo on the top left of Sporkbot.
  • 15:55 – The Void began to attack.
  • 16:31 – Arona and Shiroko survived but Sporkbot got destroyed. Started to rebuild and expand to the left.
  • 19:29 – The second base was made. Located at the down left corner of the canvas. Was planned to build Peroro.
  • 20:10 – Twitch Streamer by the name Kamet0 attacked the second base. The second base has collapsed.
  • 21:55 – Arona, Shiroko and Sporkbot have collapsed by the same streamer.
  • 22:22 – Attempted to recover Arona and Shiroko.
  • 23:06 – The attempt to recover Arona and Shiroko has failed.
  • 23:44 – Relocated to (1649,442)
  • 01:08 – Arona and Shiroko got raided by yellow pixels trying to build Senko Bread but quickly moved out because of a misunderstanding.
  • 01:43 – Arona and Shiroko were completed. Shiroko’s hair was extended to the right.
  • 02:10 – Attempted to recover the first base and build Hifumi on top of it.
  • 05:00 – Changed Hifumi’s original design. Added Sporkbot, Millennium School logo and r/BA into the design.
  • 05:51 – Hifumi, Millennium School logo and r/BA were completed.
  • 09:59 – SPQR attempted to invade Arona and Shiroko to build their “glorious imperial aquila” but failed.

Day 3

The original design of Miyu
  • 17:40 – Added Peroro next to Hifumi. Changed the location of r/BA.
  • 19:04 – The canvas expanded.
  • 21:16 – Burgerster added next to the left of Hifumi.
  • 21:39 – Blue Archive App Icon was completed with the help of Gacha Alliance.
  • 00:11 – Added Hifumi’s body. Extended Peroro’s body.
  • 02:41 – Moved r/BA to the bottom right corner.
  • 03:13 – Changed Hifumi’s color. Changed Hifumi’s sleeves color.
  • 03:54 – The original design of Miyu was proposed.
  • 04:40 – xQcOW tried to raid Arona and Shiroko but quickly moved out. Dumsex got destroyed.
  • 06:14 – Started building Miyu (16,944).
  • 10:05 – Miyu was completed. Added LPOTL at the bottom right corner of Miyu.
  • 12:01 – Added MaiMai at the top right corner of Miyu.
  • 13:00 – Kamet0 accidentally raided Miyu. Miyu was severely damaged.
  • 13:14 – Kamet0 accidentally raided Miyu again.
  • 13:23 – Simplified Miyu’s design.

Day 4

  • 14:11 – Miyu was rebuilt.
  • 20:39 – Twitch streamer by the name EWROON attempted to build a fox on top of Miyu but failed then the area got raided by the anti-furry movement. An attempt to rebuild Miyu was made.
  • 22:05 – The attempt to rebuild Miyu has failed due to Twitch streamer by the name zerkaa raided the area and was trying to build bald KSI. Another attempt to rebuild Miyu was made.
  • 22:48 – The attempt to rebuild Miyu has failed again due to The Great Whiteout.
  • 00:03 – Everything on the canvas has turned white. End of r/place 2022.
  1. Such as the highest upvoted post on the r/place subreddit,
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