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Name r/Tetris
AKA Placetris
Description A Discord server created to coordinate efforts to put up a Tetris themed artwork on the canvas of Reddit's r/Place event.
Subreddit Tetris
Artwork TKI Tetris!, Tetris Perfect Clear Opener

Placetris was a Discord server created by QuickAndSmart to coordinate efforts of the Tetris community to put up a Tetris themed artwork on the canvas of Reddit's r/Place event. The now archived community saw the participation of over 200 members during the course of the event. Placetris managed to put up 2 artworks, a TKI shape and a Perfect Clear Opener shape.

place 2022


See also: TKI Tetris!

TKI is a popular opener in modern Tetris that gives a T-Spin double in the first bag. The Flat-Top variation was voted for by the community. The first location chosen was overpowered by r/EvilDeathPlace and r/PaymoneyWubby. A second location at (900, 100) was chosen next but was again quickly overpowered by r/furry_irl. The final location of the build was (932, 114) and remained till the end. The "TETRIS!" lettering, gloss and 3D block shading were added over the next few days.

Perfect Clear Opener (PCO)

See also: Tetris Perfect Clear Opener

Perfect Clear Opener (PCO) is a popular modern Tetris opener that provides a high chance to perform a Perfect Clear. The original designs for the build came as a result of collaboration with streamer BTMC and members of the osu! community. An ambitious design with 8x8 stylised minos was created and (1919, 450) was chosen as the build location. Unfortunately, work on this build never started due to lack of sufficient members as osu! members were focused on problems affecting their builds. A smaller design with 4x4 minos was created instead. After a partial takeover of r/plural's build, getting eaten by a void and being overpowered by placeNL, the final location of PCO was (1514, 1760). PCO was integrated with Jenny from MLaaTR with the character placing one hand on top of the build.== Alliances == As listed in the server:


Created: 1 April 2022

Archived: 5 April 2022 (24 hours after the close of r/Place)

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