Girls' Frontline

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This article is about the video game and its community. For the game logo as seen on the canvas, see M4A1. For the game's app icon, see Gacha Alliance app icons.

Girls' Frontline
Name Girls' Frontline
AKA GFL, GF, Dolls' Frontline, DollFlo
Description A community centred around the tactical roleplaying gacha game by Mica Team.
Subreddit girlsfrontline
Twitter @GirlsFrontlineE
Artwork AR Team emblem, M4A1, HK416, Strong Enemy Skull, Girls' Frontline app icon, Griffin & Kryuger logo (incomplete), G11 (incomplete), UMP45 (incomplete), AR Team Chibis (conceptual), Soppo Junya (conceptual)

Girls' Frontline (GFL) is a 2016 science fiction alternate history tactical roleplaying gacha game for mobile devices; developed by Chinese studio Mica Team, and published by Sunborn. Players take the role of a field commander for a private military company, ordering and controlling formations of modified civilian androids, known as T-Dolls, in order to battle enemies on a map of interconnected nodes. The T-Dolls are named directly after the guns they wield, and are depicted as personifications (gijinka) of them. The game's plot, set in the year 2063 after a Third World War, begins with the Ukrainian android manufacturing company Sangvis Ferri going rogue, and the Griffin & Kryuger PMC being contracted to destroy the androids and robots that have hijacked the company.

As Girls' Frontline's international release was after 2017's r/place, it only had a noteworthy presence in the 2022 canvas. Members of its community, under a dedicated Discord server named PlaceFrontline, were a member group of the Gacha Alliance.

r/place 2022


AR Team Emblem

Main article: AR Team emblem

The first project officially undertaken by PlaceFrontline was the emblem of the Antirain (AR) Team, the main characters of the game's story. It was first completed at 16:35, being situated on what was then the site of the Ukrainian flag. From there it would survive until 47:29, when it was taken over by a Polish flag.


Main article: M4A1

The design for M4A1 had to be scaled down twice due to space and manpower constraints.

The first iteration of M4A1, dubbed "Mega M4" by PlaceFrontline, was attempted at (1180,794) at 27:52. However, it was run over by the third French flag only half an hour later.

A second attempt with a smaller design, dubbed "Normal M4", was made at (1223,646), at 29:02. However, this design would then be overrun by the extending Flag of Argentina within two hours.

After being recommended the spot by the VA-11 HALL-A community, and negotiating with the community who had made Hatsune Miku, the third, and finally successful attempt at building M4A1 was started (1789,726), at 30:47. Once more, the template had to be shrunken down, into what was dubbed "Mini M4". Her location, directly adjacent to the Baltimore Ravens, resulted in PlaceFrontline attempting to establish communications with them. Rogue supporters of the Ravens attempted to extend their purple background into M4. Ultimately, shortly after the Great Whiteout started, PlaceFrontline raided the Baltimore Ravens logo, successfully destroying them before M4 herself was destroyed.

M4A1 was subject to a Void raid by xQc at 64:03 and was completely destroyed; but, with the help of allies, she was rebuilt so fast that xQc was forced to redirect his viewers elsewhere.


Main article: M4A1

A first attempt at HK416 was made by u/thornish416, a user operating independently of PlaceFrontline, at (1416,416) at 27:55[1]. She would be swallowed by the Void almost immediately.

A second attempt by u/thornish416 was completed at (1493,62) at 30:30. She would be again overrun by the surrounding artwork by 31:43.

Ultimately, with there being just enough space for her, PlaceFrontline was able to make a very small chibi head of HK416 fit in between M4A1 and Dana Zane. 416 was able to remain there--albeit being destroyed once in a Void raid by xQc--until the Great Whiteout.

Strong Enemy Skull

Main article: M4A1

While unintentional, the placement of the Strong Enemy Skull served as a warning to those attempting to raid Peppy.

Initially intended to be placed to the top-right of M4A1--as that is where the skull icon appears in the game--PlaceFrontline opted to add the skull to the bottom-left instead, as that was the only spot in the area where there was enough room. This placement was inadvertently right next to Peppy, accidentally giving the skull a whole new meaning as Peppy proved to be remarkably resistant to any form of raiding. It survived unscathed until the Great Whiteout.

Game Icon

Main article: Gacha Alliance app icons#Girls' Frontline

In recognition of the community's efforts, the official Girls' Frontline Discord server changed its icon to the rendition seen on r/place.

As part of a plan with the Gacha Alliance, PlaceFrontline, as well as multiple other gacha communities, collaborated to create a large grid of app icons at the bottom-right of the canvas. While the icons for Arknights, Blue Archive, Guardian Tales, Fate/Grand Order, Honkai Impact 3rd, and Genshin Impact were filled out quickly, the planned space for the rest of the icons was cut off by a second flag of Argentina. After a hasty reorganization and a remake of the template, the Girls' Frontline app icon was added to the left of the Arknights icon, and successfully stayed there until the Great Whiteout.

Incomplete Artwork

An attempt was made to create the Griffin & Kryuger logo out of a recently-closed Void outbreak. It would have been in between Moons and Arona & Shiroko, but it was raided by a streamer before its shape could be made out. The space was instead filled by Dumsex and the Bitcoin logo.


After completing HK416, /u/thornish made a post appealing to other users on r/girlsfrontline to help them add G11 next to her[2]. Only a few pixels were placed before both were overrun by surrounding artwork.


The template for UMP45.

After a raid at 61:16 to put Kobe Bryant on the canvas cleared much space, PlaceFrontline users attempted to add UMP45 to the newly-opened blank space at his top right, at (1794,872). Her hair was partially done when r/marisad users instead used it to create marisad. No further attempts were made to add her to the canvas.

Conceptual Artwork

AR Team Chibis

See also: AR Team emblem

The template for the AR Team chibis. From left to right: M16A1, M4 SOPMOD II, M4A1, RO635, and ST AR-15.

A design and suggestion to create the AR Team on the canvas was provided by Cleista Celeste on Twitter on the first day of r/place 2022. While the template was officially drafted and made into an overlay, PlaceFrontline simply lacked the manpower needed to create it, and never attempted it. The emblem in the background was ultimately adapted into the AR Team emblem.

Soppo Junya

A design for Soppo Junya--a chibi form of M4 SOPMOD II--was submitted to PlaceFrontline directly over Discord. However, it was never attempted.




/u/thornish416's rendition of HK416.
/u/thornish416's template for G11.
The template for the Griffin & Kryuger logo.
The template for Soppo Junya.
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