The Ex-Bottom Left Alliance

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Bottom left alliance logo.png
The Ex-Bottom Left Alliance
Name The Ex-Bottom Left Alliance
AKA The Bottom Left Alliance, or simply BLA
Description A union of factions from the bottom left space on the canvas before The Final Expansion.
Subcommunities Technoblade,196,Penguins,Anarchy Chess,JoJo,Banano,Jerma985,Blue Archive,Hololive,Valorant,North Eastern,Tonikaku Kawaii,Portal,Ireland,Titanfall 2,Vinesauce,Gabumon,Evangelion,Baby Metal,Daft Punk,Astolfo,Albion,Femboys,PlaceStart,Classic Rock Union,KCorp

The Ex-Bottom Left Alliance (aka. The Bottom Left Alliance, or simply BLA) is a union of factions located on the bottom left space of the canvas before the final expansion.

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