BABYMETAL trio artwork 2022

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babymetal trio art.png
BABYMETAL trio artwork 2022
Description This artwork depicts the original lineup of BABYMETAL (a japanese kawaii metal band): Su-Metal, Yui Metal and Moa Metal. Credits: Original 2017 art by TAKAPON. Updated color scheme by AndreiSch. BABYMETAL! banner by _MOAisMetaru.
Location (675,611)
Area 2080 pixels
Atlas ID 000066

Created by r/BABYMETAL Community, this artwork is a recycled version of their place 2017 artwork. The artwork depicts the original lineup of BABYMETAL (a japanese kawaii metal band): Su-Metal, Yui Metal and Moa Metal. Compared to the 2017 version, the color scheme was changed to gray to represent the last costumes used by this lineup. The design was improvised on the fly, there was no prior agreement from the community.

r/place 2022


Drawing started on the first day next to the Foxhole community to the right, with a lithuanian flag comming fast from the left to close the gap with Foxhole artwork.

The first objetive for the community was to get a tight rectangle to write "BABYMETAL". To do this they had to push Lithuania out of the zone. At the same time the Wall Street Bets subreddit community was building from below, and according to their design they would intercept part of Lithuania, Foxhole and vanish BABYMETAL.

Later, Lithuania agreed to concede part of its territory and BABYMETAL community completed the rectangle with text.


Wall Street Bets (a.k.a WSB) community was trying to push from below and soon after received help from its ally, the Osu community. The result left the BABYMETAL rectangle in shreds, but the attack also hit on the Foxhole community and triggered a three-way alliance with Lithuania to drive WSB out of the area. This would ultimately be achieved after the efforts of the Osu alliance were exhausted. Upon defeating WSB, the BABYMETAL community expands downward to make the canvas for their artwork.

Attempted change of location

While the WSB battle happened part of the community tried to draw second logo a few pixels away and below, near Osu's logo. Second logo was almost finished, but then an attack directed towards Osu by a streamer wiped out the zone.

The second logo was rebuild later on the first expasion on the canvas.

Final Result

The artwork was completed on the early hours of day 2, and survived even though several big attacks happened around it during the next 3 days. The last big attack on the artwork was coordinated by twitch streamer lturepublic, but was quickly repelled with the help of Osu.


  • Original 2017 art by TAKAPON.
  • Updated color scheme for 2017 art by AndreiSch.
  • BABYMETAL! banner by _MOAisMetaru.
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