BABYMETAL Metal Resistance winged logo

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babymetal winged logo.png
BABYMETAL Metal Resistance winged logo
Name BABYMETAL Metal Resistance winged logo
Description Original winged logo from BABYMETAL's album Metal Resistance. Made by u/Brainth.
Location (1141,470)
Atlas ID 000067

Created by r/BABYMETAL Community. The artwork depicts the logo of BABYMETAL (a japanese kawaii metal band) with the color scheme of their album Metal Resistance.

There is also a white cross that represents a star, as a tribute to Mikio Fujioka‚úĚ, backing band guitarist for BABYMETAL.

r/place 2022


Drawing started on the second day next to the Band-Maid logo. The community joined with r/BandMaid to build the cover artwork of BAND-MAID album World Domination. When completed, r/BABYMETAL built its own logo above this artwork. Soon after, contacts were established with the local neighbors: r/Astroneer and Twitch streamer Jhay. Both agreed to an alliance.

The upper border was held by Green Lattice which was a partial ally, but mostly neutral.


Hours latter after completion there was an attack of the void that was steadly repealed by the alliance.

Later the entire region was wiped out by streamer xQc during a void raid on the canvas. However, the reconstruction was swiftly completed without issues.

On day 4, the only menace was a possible expansion of r/MKD flag, which was stopped by diplomatic agreements.

Final Result

The artwork was practically untouched since xQc attack.


Design by u/Brainth.

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