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Name itmeJP
AKA Twitch chat
Description The community of Twitch streamer itmeJP
Twitter @itmeJP
Twitch itmeJP
Artwork Dropped Frames logo, JPNN logo, Ezekiel_III logo, GassyMexican logo, DanJulia emote

The community of caster, video producer and twitch streamer John Paul McDaniel better known by his online handle itmeJP. He is best known for his RollPlay series and being the producer/host of Dropped Frames, a weekly talk show covering gaming and Twitch topics, co-hosted by streamers CohhCarnage and Ezekiel_III.

r/place 2022

On the 3rd of Aprils edition of the Dropped Frames podcast, which itmeJP is the producer of, r/Place was briefly talked about and the current effect it has had on the streamer world.[1] After the show his livestream continued and a discussion began with his chat about what and where they would leave their own piece of art. The canvas had just undergone its final expansion so much underdeveloped area was available. ItmeJP and his chat settled on the JPNN logo, it's simple design would be easy and quick to make, with it's location being (1132, 1941) just above the newly forming Netherlands flag at the time.[2]

After the JPNN logoa tribute to Julia was created. She is an artist, focusing mainly on streamer emotes, and a good friend of itmeJP. The DanJulia emote was chosen, an emote of DansGaming.

ItmeJP livestream during the creation of the art

The Dropped Frames logo was then started above the previous artworks while in the meantime, the Cohhilition Logo was beginning to take shape next to the DanJulia emote, orchestrated by The Cohhilition and CohhCarnage co-host of Dropped Frames, and who was also streaming at the time.[3]

Since both hosts of the Dropped Frames podcast already had their art, it only made sense to also include the Ezekiel_III logo of Ezekiel_III, fellow streamer, friend and co-host of Dropped Frames.

GassyMexican streamer, frequent guest on the Dropped Frames podcast and friend of itmeJP, was also in chat and watching the stream. He wanted to be included in the artwork so the GassyMexican logo was built next to the Ezekiel_III logo.

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