DanJulia emote

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DanJulia emote
Name DanJulia emote
Description The emote of streamer DansGaming, depicting the avatar of artist Julia_CaSsian
Location 1099, 1940
Area 288 pixels
Atlas ID twu8hk
Creator itmeJP

A depiction of the DanJulia emote from DansGaming, a twitch streamer, that depicts the avatar of Julia the emote artist.[1]

r/place 2022


See also: [[itmeJP, JPNN logo]]

After the completion of the JPNN logo, itmeJP decided to create a tribute for Julia right next to it.[2]



Due to the nature of the artwork, the teeth were an easy target and some attempts were made to change them.

Final Result

The artwork remained completely intact for The Great Whiteout.

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