The Cohhilition

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The Cohhilition
Name The Cohhilition
Description Community based around the Twitch streamer CohhCarnage
Twitter @CohhCarnage
Twitch CohhCarnage
Artwork Cohhilition Logo

The Cohhilition is the community of twitch streamer and Dropped Frame co-host CohhCarnage.

r/place 2022

See also: [[itmeJP, Dropped Frames logo]]

Originally there were no plans to join in on r/Place by CohhCarnage or his community. That changed when good friend and colleague itmeJP and his community, started to create the Dropped Frames logo artwork and Julia, Cohh's emote artist, created a pixelated version of the Cohhilition logo. CohhCarnage was ending his stream at this time, but due to these developments, extended it to organize and see the full creation of the Cohhilition Logo.[1]

CohhCarnage Twitch stream
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