Dropped Frames logo

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Dropped Frames logo
Name Dropped Frames logo
Description The logo of the Dropped Frames podcast
Location 1123, 1921
Area 1495 pixels
Atlas ID twu56y
Creator itmeJP

The logo of Dropped Frames a weakly talks how/podcast about gaming and Twitch. Created by John Paul "itmeJP" McDaniel its pilot episode aired in January of 2015 and has been compared to the Co-Optional Podcast, a similarly formatted show that was hosted by the late Totalbiscuit.

Hosted by itmeJP, CohhCarnage and Ezekiel_III, with guests joining from various backgrounds and industries, it airs every Sunday on Twitch.tv.

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See also: [[itmeJP, JPNN logo, DanJulia emote]]

After finishing the DanJulia emote and JPNN logo, itmeJP moved on to a new project, the creation of the Dropped Frames show logo above those two artworks.[1]

Stream and chat during the creation of the logo

Final Result

The artwork remained free of any heavy conflicts, except for small Among Us Crewmates replacing the D and O letter, and was intact for The Great Whiteout.

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