GassyMexican logo

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GassyMexican logo
Name GassyMexican logo
Description The logo of Twitch streamer GassyMexican
Location 1055, 1924
Area 900 pixels
Atlas ID twufj7
Creator itmeJP

The logo of Twitch streamer and YouTube personality GassyMexican.

r/place 2022


See also: [[itmeJP, Ezekiel_III logo, Dropped Frames logo]]

GassyMexican was in the stream during the creation of the Ezekiel III logo and Dropped Frames logo and was impressed with how well they turned out. He asked if he could be included in the overall artwork. itmeJP began the construction of his logo, next to Ezekiel III logo and Cohhilition Logo. Originally it had a black background but was later changed to a yellow one.[1]


Final Result

Apart from the Among Us Crewmates replacing the lining on the sombrero hat, the artwork remained intact for The Great Whiteout.

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