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Amiya with Sunglasses.png
Name Swagmiya
Description Amiya with sunglasses.
Location 1149, 103
Area 876 pixels
Atlas ID twutdj
Creator Arknights

Swagmiya, also referred to as "Smugmiya", "Pogmiya" and "MLG Amiya" depicts the main protagonist Amiya wearing the MLG sunglasses. The work is centered at (1149,103) with an area of 876 pixels. The name given to this work upon conceptualization was "MLG Amiya" but quickly began to be referred to as other names. "Swagmiya" was eventually adopted as the official name at some point.


Finalized Swagmiya concept.

The finalized plan for this artwork was a 25x30 version of the character Amiya in a blue jacket wearing sunglasses to be built around (1149, 78). The background color was undecided at the time the project began on April 2, 21:21 (UTC-4). Originally, the concept did not include sunglasses and depicted her with blue eyes. The sunglasses were proposed and adopted to fix the unnatural look of her eyes due to the limited resolution.


Towards the end of the 2nd day, many of the community members were becoming bored from the lack of activity within the group. To alleviate this, the community leaders began to plan this project around April 2, 20:46 (UTC-4) after a quick check with the community to gauge interest. Due to a large ambitious collaboration being planned for the final canvas expansion, the concept was quickly drafted with extra details missing as this was deemed a side project. At 21:21 (UTC-4), the plan was finalized with Swagmiya to be built around (1149, 78) and an announcement made to the community.

Soon after construction began, it was discovered that the Genshin Impact community also planned to build there and started their construction as well. At 22:22 (UTC-4), an agreement was reached with Genshin Impact. This called for Swagmiya to be moved down to around (1149, 103) in exchange for mutual defense. As the build progressed, the community voted for the background to be teal with a cyan border with the build finishing on April 3, 00:23 (UTC-4), roughly 39:35 (canvas time). A dark teal diamond in the background would be the final addition to the artwork added shortly after completion of the background.

The work would go mostly unchanged through the third day. The hair would frequently be turned into Among Us crewmates and then turned back again. Some details in the hair would be lost to combat these crewmates which led to the hair shifting down to the sunglasses. Half way through the fourth day, Swagmiya was attacked by an unknown group of users placing black pixels. Facing fierce resistance, the attack stopped after a short while and accomplished nothing. The art was repaired and restored but eventually drifted away from the plans again which resulted in the piece on the final canvas differing slightly from the concept.


Unknown Influencer Attack
Doktah, Tasukete. :(

On April 4, 12:25 (UTC-4), this artwork was attacked by (at the time) an unknown group placing only black pixels. At 12:30 (UTC-4), the Gacha Alliance was alerted to the attack and helped defend. Facing fierce resistance from Arknights and the rest of the Gacha Alliance, the attack was successfully repelled after 15 minutes of fighting. After further investigation using the reddit dataset, it was discovered that many of the participants had new accounts and placed pixels on the Turkish flag or other Turkish related artworks. It is speculated that the attack was caused by an influencer with a Turkish audience. This is largely due to the behavior and attack pattern being highly similar to confirmed attacks by small streamers and influencers in the previous 3 days.

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