Royal Palace of Amsterdam

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Royal Palace of Amsterdam.png
Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Name The Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Description The palace at the Dam Square in Amsterdam.
Location (-1453, -468)
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The Royal Palace of Amsterdam, known in The Netherlands as Paleis op de Dam (English: Palace on the Dam Square) and Stadhuis op de Dam (English: City Hall on the Dam), is a palace at the disposal of the Dutch monarch and used for entertaining and official functions during state visits and other official receptions, such as New Year receptions. Several award ceremonies are also held in the palace.[1]

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam, as seen in the third edition of r/Place, was part of an architecture collage. The other artworks in the collage were: the Cube Houses, the Dom Tower, and the Mauritshuis. The artwork was completed around 13:30 GMT on July 24th on the Flag of The Netherlands, and remained until the Great Whiteout.


The palace was built in Dutch Baroque style as a city hall from 1648 to 1665, and was designed by Jacob van Campen. The building became the royal palace of King Louis Napoleon in 1808[2], and later of the Dutch Royal House.[3]

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