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Name Mauritshuis
Description The Mauritshuis in The Hague.
Location (-1398, -468)
Atlas ID 4971
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Creator PlaceNL

The Mauritshuis was originally a city palace, but since 1822 it's a museum in The Hague. It houses the Royal Cabinet of Paintings, mostly paintings by Dutch masters from the 17th century. The building was designed in Dutch-Baroque style by Jacob van Campen.

The Mauritshuis, as seen in the third edition of r/Place, was part of an architecture collage. The other artworks in the collage were: the Cube Houses, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, and the Dom Tower. The artwork was completed around 11:00 GMT on July 25th on the Flag of The Netherlands, ceding territory to Rin Tohsaka until both parties agreed to relocate the pixel art of Rin Tohsaka. And it remained until the Great Whiteout.


Construction of the pixel art started at 13:30 GMT on July 24th. A portion of its roof claimed the same territory as r/fatestaynightplace, who built Rin Tohsaka at the same time the Flag of The Netherlands was extended the moment the canvas expanded. Having defended Rin Tohsaka effectively, r/fatestaynightplace eventually agreed with PlaceNL to relocate the Rin Tohsaka pixel art to another part of the PlaceNL's territory, which commenced one day after the start of the conflict around 7:30 GMT, to the location it would remain until the Great Whiteout under the protection of PlaceNL.

Art Collection

The Mauritshuis is, as of 2023, in use as a museum. To its collection belong the famous masterpieces Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, and The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt van Rijn.[1]

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