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Artwork Redirects

Each artwork entry in the Atlas is assigned a unique ID. Each of those IDs is (or will be) created as a separate page in the wiki, as a redirect to the specific artwork page for that piece of artwork. Multiple IDs may exist for a given artwork in the Atlas, and should all be redirected to the wiki page for the artwork.

The artwork template contains a parameter for the ID, which will automatically generate a direct link to the Atlas entry for the artwork. Additionally, the template will generate a warning if the ID does not exist. Those links are used for the Atlas to link back to the wiki pages related to the artwork on the canvas.

To create a redirect page for a missing ID, or for additional IDs for an existing artwork page:

  1. Create a new page with the ID as the title of the new page.
  2. As the content of the new page, create a redirect link to the artwork page (replace "{{{Artwork Page}}}" with the actual page link of the artwork article):
    #REDIRECT [[ {{{Artwork Page}}} ]]
  3. Save the page, and that should be all that is necessary!
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